NHDP - New Hampshire Unemployment Rates Falls to Nearly 40% Below the National Rate

Granite State continues to lead the national economy recovery

Concord - The New Hampshire Employment and Security Department reported today that the state unemployment rate for June fell below 6%, to 5.9%, which is now 38% below the national rate. That is a reduction of .5% from last month, and marks the fourth month in a row that the unemployment rate has fallen in the Granite State.

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement in response to the positive June report:

"Our unemployment rate is now nearly 40% below the national rate, and has fallen four straight months in a row. This reality is a remarkable testament to the responsible Democratic leadership of Governor Lynch and our majorities in the House, Senate, and Executive Council.  And it is more evidence that New Hampshire is leading the national economic recovery.

"Be it job creation initiatives like New Hampshire Working, programs helping to lower small businesses' health care costs, or innovative new proposals like the Green Launching Pad, Democrats have been working hard for the citizens of New Hampshire, rebuilding our economy for the long term and creating new jobs.

"This great news also provides a sharp contrast to the Republican Party's lack of leadership during the past several years.  They have toured the state telling people it's ruined, and made nothing but irresponsible and reckless proposals.  Clearly, the report today flies in the face of their campaign of misinformation and partisan attacks."