Gregg Intervenes to Ensure Wall Street Support for Washington GOP Politician Kelly Ayotte


CONCORD - As Democrats in Congress continue to try and pass real Wall Street reform, news broke over the weekend that Sen. Judd Gregg intervened to ensure that a major Wall Street bank threw its support behind Kelly Ayotte, instead of one of her Republican opponents.


According to the Nashua Telegraph, Sen. Gregg, one of the most outspoken opponents to the current reform bill, stepped in to protest when Wall Street giant Deustche Bank announced it would host a fundraiser for Republican Senate candidate Bill Binnie. Gregg, one of the many establishment Republicans in Washington supporting Ayotte, pressured the bank to cancel the fundraiser. Deutsche Bank has since held a fundraiser for Ayotte, as have other major Wall Street banks [Nashua Telegraph, 7/11/10].


"With a little help from Sen. Gregg, we now know why Republican politician Kelly Ayotte opposes Wall Street reform," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "She's diligently following in the footsteps of Sen. Gregg, keeping the big banks on speed dial to stop real reform. Ayotte is just another Republican politician, swayed by the deep pockets of special interests instead of the real concerns of Granite Staters."


The reform bill being debated in Congress right now would permanently end taxpayer-funded bailouts, reign in executive pay, and ensure no bank ever becomes 'too big to fail.' Gregg and other Washington Republicans have done everything they can to stop reform from reaching the Senate floor.


"Instead of standing up to the special interests and Washington Republicans orchestrating her campaign, Kelly Ayotte has yet again quietly fallen in line with them and refused to be a tough and independent voice for the Granite State," said Browne.