CHQ - Rep. Bob Inglis: Majority of GOP Congressmen don't like the conservative movement

Rep. Bob Inglis: Majority of GOP Congressmen don't like the conservative movement

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Rep. Bob Inglis: Majority of GOP Congressmen don't like the conservative movement -- In a story published Saturday in The Greenville News, Bob Inglis, a six-term U.S. representative who was soundly defeated in a primary runoff against Spartanburg prosecutor Trey Gowdy, spoke out against what he said is a conservative movement that preys on people's fears. Inglis said he believes a majority of his fellow Republicans in Congress agree with him but keep silent for fear of being roasted on TV and radio talk shows. vs. NRA Feud over Harry Reid goes public
Politics Daily - Matt Lewis addresses the controversy surrounding the rumored National Rifle Association endorsement of Majority Leader Harry Reid (lifetime ACU rating 18.56%), which has spawned a very public dispute between conservative blogger Erick Erickson (of and the gun rights advocacy group. Lewis correctly notes that if the NRA ends up doing the unthinkable and endorsing Reid, a major backlash will occur - and it won't just come from bloggers like Erickson.

Boston Tea Party rightfully throwing Scott Brown overboard -- From a Greater Boston Tea Party news release: "Scott Brown promised in the fall of 2009 to stand up for free markets and constitutional principles. A yes vote on this [financial reform] bill - a bill that disregards Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, greatly expands executive authority and reach, creates a perpetual and permanent bail-out system and fosters the creation of even more bureaucracy - defies the commitment he made to thousands of activists and donors across the nation who swept him in to office in January in one of the biggest political upsets of all time."

Bush insiders shouldn't lecture anyone on conservative models
American Conservative - Daniel Larison takes former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson to task for criticizing Nevada U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle's positive foreign policy allusions to Thomas Jefferson, arguing that Gerson is in no position to disparage anyone's conservatism based on the sorry record of the man he worked for. Larison says Gerson was tied-in with a group of Republicans that were responsible for a great deal of Big Government mayhem that trod on our liberties at home and started unnecessary wars abroad - so Gerson is the last one who should be talking about 'conservative models.'

Was Rand Paul right on the Civil Rights Act?
American Spectator -- Daniel Oliver points out the utter hypocrisy of liberals in their reaction to Kentucky GOP U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul's comments on the Civil Rights Act, where they accused Paul of latent racism yet fail time and again to chastise any of their own who were at one time overtly racist (such as the late Sen. Robert Byrd). Oliver says there are many valid questions leftover on the merits of the Civil Rights Act, yet now hardly seems the time for a senatorial candidate to be discussing it candidly with a liberal activist member of the media (MSNBC's Rachel Maddow).

Latino conservative says life's experience taught him the errors of the Left
American Thinker - Gil Dominguez candidly admits that he used to be a radical Leftist, and like his family and most in the Latino community he was a diehard Democrat - but life's experience and a healthy dose of reading the facts led him to conservatism. Dominguez laments that most Latinos are unwilling to challenge the ideology that they've been fed for generations, but for his part, he feels better off for having seen the light.

Bill O'Reilly goes rogue on Sarah Palin, buffets her in testy exchanges
Daily Caller - There's no doubt that Gov. Sarah Palin is one of the most compelling figures in the conservative movement today, and when she's pressed hard during interviews, fans and enemies take notice, and take sides. Palin has recently had several testy exchanges with FOX News host Bill O'Reilly, with some criticizing O'Reilly for being unfair, and some taking issue with Palin for dodging O'Reilly's questions - it's all part of Palin's grooming for a potential presidential run in the future.