Jim Bender Denounces New Law Hidden in the Recent Government Takeover of Healthcare

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010


Jim Bender denounces new law hidden in the recent government takeover of healthcare, affecting millions of taxpayers who run small businesses by adding costs with new reporting requirements.

Today Jim Bender, Republican candidate for United States Senate, visited the Charles George Companies of Londonderry to discuss a little known piece of legislation hidden in the recently passed healthcare takeover.  This law forces businesses to file 1099 forms for any vendor transaction amounting to more than $600 per year.

Bender says, “The burden of raising revenue for an oversized government falls again on the backs of small business owners – men and women who already suffer under extraordinary federal regulatory burdens. Most all of the payments a small business makes in the course of a year are subject to absurd amounts of paperwork and IRS hounding. Can you imagine under this law a small shop owner will have to report her rent payments to the IRS and the landlord? ”

“The federal government needs some solutions that don’t involve new taxes or new regulations.  Laws like this will have a negative impact on the way I will do business including buying from potentially less vendors instead of spreading my business around.  In addition this places hidden costs on businesses at the absolute wrong time,” says Robert Eisenberg, CEO of the Charles George Companies. 

“We need a government that taxes and regulates less. I want to go to Washington and work to repeal Obamacare and other laws that hurt businesses who are being strangled so they can start hiring hard-working Americans again and get our economy back on track,” says Bender.