CHQ - NRA is now openly floating a Harry Reid endorsement

NRA is now openly floating a Harry Reid endorsement

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NRA is now openly floating a Harry Reid endorsement - Blogger Erick Erickson has been following the rumored National Rifle Association endorsement of Majority Leader Harry Reid (lifetime ACU rating 18.56%) and writes that it's reached a point where the organization is openly floating its potential support of Reid. Erickson debunks the NRA's reasoning for considering endorsing Reid (that anti-gun Sen. Chuck Schumer would replace him), arguing that whomever succeeds Reid would certainly have a very difficult time pushing anti-gun legislation because there are still plenty of NRA-supported Democratic senators.

Richard Viguerie weighs in on a potential Newt Gingrich presidential run
Newsmax - Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says he's 'more serious than ever' about a potential 2012 presidential run, and such news is certainly stirring reaction among conservatives who've known Gingrich for a long time. Richard Viguerie thinks a Gingrich bid would be good overall for the Republican Party, but also believes Gingrich will have some difficulty convincing conservatives that as president he would govern as a small-government constitutional conservative, which he did not do when he was speaker.

Minority Leader John Boehner's New Media Director Insults Blogs, Conservative Movement On Private Listserv
Riehl World View (blog) - Conservative blogger Dan Riehl relays yet another instance of the GOP establishment's arrogance and contempt for conservative media and the conservative movement itself, this time spouted by House Minority Leader John Boehner's Director of New Media (Nick Schaper) who obviously doesn't understand or appreciate the message work that bloggers do for the Party. Riehl provides Schaper's own words, and they're dripping with sarcasm and antipathy towards bloggers and the conservative movement.

Is Gov. Sarah Palin pitching a tent in the neoconservative camp?
American Conservative - Jack Hunter addresses an issue that many traditional conservative supporters of Gov. Sarah Palin have been avoiding, namely the fact that her foreign policy views appear to place her square in the George W. Bush/Obama/Bill Kristol neoconservative perpetual-war camp. Hunter points out that even columnist Ann Coulter, who usually defends Republicans to the hilt has questioned the wisdom of our continued military excursions overseas, and argues that there's a huge difference between maintaining a strong national defense and unquestioning support for the neocons' nonsensical permanent war.

Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle: Sen. Robert Bennett is an elitist
Politico - The hits from the GOP establishment just keep on coming, as lame-duck Sen. Bob 'bailout' Bennett of Utah is once again downplaying the influence of America's Tea Parties (which are responsible for kicking him out of office), and even going so far as to say Nevada GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle has 'no way' of defeating Harry Reid (lifetime ACU rating 18.56%) in November. Angle responded to Bennett by truthfully labeling him an 'elitist' who's no longer in touch with his own constituents.

Black conservative activists condemn NAACP resolution against Tea Party Movement - Black conservative Bob Parks provides the other side of the story in reference to the NAACP's recently passed resolution condemning America's Tea Parties on 'racist' grounds, presenting the views of the black conservative group Project 21. Project 21's members have actively participated in Tea Party rallies across America, and they say they feel much more comfortable amongst the limited government-advocating Tea Partiers than they do with NAACP members who've been co-opted by the Left.