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Gordon Duff
Vietnam War: Decades of Liars Blacken the Name of Real Heroes
How Many Real Phonies were in Vietnam?
How Many are Wearing Medals Awarded by Themselves?

Every time I hear about "airport spitters" I think of draft dodger Sylvester Stallone playing Rambo, the whining crybaby of movie fame.  Whoever wrote and directed that must really have hated America.  Every time I hear the airport spitter myth I know I am being played.  For those of you who know nothing about PTSD, spitting on a combat veteran is a form of suicide.  Pointing an empty shotgun at a SWAT team is considered safe and sensible in comparison. I was a Marine grunt in Vietnam.  I served with 2nd squad, 2nd platoon of BLT 1/26, a Marine Special Landing Team.  I won't call myself a hero, no real Marine would, it's considered an insult to call a Marine a hero.

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