NHDOC - Announces New Vendor/Provider for Administrative Home Confinement Supervision

(Concord, N.H.) New Hampshire Department of Corrections Commissioner William L. Wrenn announced that G4S Justice Services of Atlanta, Georgia has been contracted to provide electronic monitoring services for New Hampshire offenders on Administrative Home Confinement (AHC).  This contract was authorized by the Governor and Executive Council in May and became effective July 1, 2010 until June 30, 2012 with an option to renew for up to two years.

AHC is an alternative form of community-based supervision that allows eligible offenders to live at home and work in the community while their movements are regularly monitored.  A majority of the supervision costs are bourn by the offender after placement. It is estimated that the vendor will invoice offenders approximately $118,000 per year.  The Division of Field Services supervises an average of fifty offenders on AHC at any time.

Commissioner Wrenn said, “AHC is a less costly and safe form of offender supervision and this new vendor uses the latest satellite technology to provide this service in an efficient, effective manner.”

Offenders pay $5.75 per day for basic electronic monitoring or $6.00 per day for cellular monitoring.  The daily cost for breath alcohol testing will be $9.00 per day.  The daily cost for Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) monitoring will range from $6.00 per day to $8.00 per day based on the required level of monitoring ordered. Participants will be required to pay for two weeks of service prior to placement.

Offenders seeking AHC placement must submit an application that is reviewed by the prison staff, the Warden, the Victim Services Bureau, the County Prosecutor in the county from which the inmate was sentenced, the sentencing court, and the Division of Field Services.  Commissioner Wrenn gives final authorization to all AHC applications.  All offenders who were under AHC supervision received their new bracelets and equipment on July 1, 2010.