NHDP - Earth to John Stephen: NH is Already a National Leader

Stephen continues to mislead voters, ignore reality, spout GOP talking points

Concord - Yesterday, while at a campaign stop in Portsmouth, Republican candidate for governor John Stephen continued to make false claims about the state of New Hampshire.  To the less than 12 people attending at the event, Stephen reviewed an ambiguous plan he released earlier in the week, and said he would make 'New Hampshire a leader once again.'

"New Hampshire is already a leader in numerous quality of life measures," said Harrell Kirstein press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Maybe if John Stephen had spent the last few years working in New Hampshire instead of as a highly paid government consultant in South Carolina, Illinois, and Rhode Island he would know more about the Granite State."

Over the past few months, New Hampshire has been rated the safest state in the nation, the best place to raise a family, and one of the healthiest and best educated states in the U.S. (Boston Globe, 4/5/2010; Annie E. Casey Foundation; United Health Federation)  According to the U.S. census, New Hampshire graduates a greater percentage of its high school students than any state in the north east, and the dropout rate was cut by 30% this year.

In addition, New Hampshire residents have the second lowest taxes in the nation, state spending is the 5th lowest per capita, and the Granite State is one of the seven best states to own and operate a business in. (
taxadmin.org; Statehealthfacts.org; taxfoundation.org)

And New Hampshire is the leading the national economic recovery.  The unemployment rate is nearly 40% below the national rate, while new home sales, a key indicator of economic growth, are increasing faster in New Hampshire than all but one other state. (Nashua Telegraph, 7/13/2010; Foster's Daily Democrat, 6/24/2010)

"From the day he first announced his campaign, John Stephen has been misleading voters, and desperately trying to convince them their state is ruined," continued Kirstein.  "His claims have no basis in reality, and are nothing more partisan attacks from a lifelong bureaucrat."

"The last time he made a factual mistake about New Hampshire, Stephen's campaign said he hadn't spent enough time reading his notes. What is Stephen's excuse going to be this time?" asked Kirstein.