AUL - Important message from Congressman Boehner


Dear Friend of Life,

AULFor those of us who care about unborn life, there has never been a more important time to be involved in the pro-life cause.

Our pro-life movement must be stronger than ever. And one of the best ways to be part of that movement is to continue your generous support of Americans United for Life.

It was my great honor recently to receive AUL's Henry J. Hyde Defender of Life Award. AUL President Charmaine Yoest presented me with this award in part because of the work we did together in the House to try to keep abortion out of President Obama's health care bill.

It was a long struggle, but the good news from my friends at Americans United for Life is that our fight is not over yet.

I want to tell you what you can do today TO DEFEAT the abortion-promoting provisions of ObamaCare.

But first, I want to thank you for your support of Americans United for Life. Because of your generosity, they were able to be a great help to me in the health care battle. I am deeply grateful to AUL for all of the work they're doing here in Washington, D.C., and - just as important - in state legislatures around the country.

My partnership with AUL for the cause of life has been going on for some time.

Together with AUL, I fought to uphold an Ohio law requiring physicians who prescribe the abortion drug RU-486 to abide by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) rules when dispensing this dangerous substance. Misuse of RU-486 can, and has, resulted in death.

Of course that didn't stop Planned Parenthood from filing a constitutional challenge to Ohio's law. When they did, I stepped up and, together with Americans United for Life, filed an amicus brief before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Ohio Supreme Court urging that the law be upheld.

I am pleased to say that, although some aspects of the law remain in litigation, the courts rejected Planned Parenthood's basic claim that it should not have to abide by FDA-approved procedures.

I have also worked with AUL to protect minors from the harms of sexual abuse and secret abortions.

Several years ago, a 14-year-old Ohio girl walked into a Planned Parenthood clinic in Cincinnati, accompanied by her soccer coach, John Haller. He was 21 years old and began having sex with the girl when she was only 13. Now that she was pregnant, Haller wanted her to have an abortion.

Rather than notify the parents - as is required under Ohio law - Planned Parenthood called the soccer coach's cell phone for consent. They not only failed to question the man (who had a different last name from the teenager and paid for the abortion with his credit card), but even administered a birth control shot to the young girl - also paid for by Haller. And they and gave her a bag of condoms so that Haller could continue his sexual abuse of the girl after the abortion.

As the father of two beautiful girls, I must tell you ... this story is the stuff of nightmares.

Despite Planned Parenthood's neglect, the parents of the Cincinnati teenager eventually found out about her abortion and the sexual abuse perpetrated by her soccer coach. John Haller was convicted of seven counts of sexual battery and was sentenced to three years in prison.

But the nightmare was not over. The question remains - how many stories like this have occurred in Planned Parenthood's abortion clinics across the country? How many young girls will suffer without someone standing up to protect them? Without someone to say this is wrong and should not be tolerated?

A dispute arose over whether Planned Parenthood should be required to turn over documents that might establish a pattern of failing to follow Ohio parental involvement and mandatory sexual crime reporting laws.

I again teamed up with Americans United for Life to file an amicus brief in this case - a case that generated shock and outrage throughout Ohio by exposing just how far Planned Parenthood will go to perform abortions, even on children.

It is heartbreaking and unimaginable cases like this that AUL tackles each and every day for the cause of life. For the past 39 years, they have been on the front lines, in every major case before the U. S. Supreme Court and in local courts throughout the country.

That is why I am so honored that AUL chose to present me with the Henry Hyde Defender of Life Award. The award ceremony at AUL headquarters was very emotional for me.

I was so moved because Henry Hyde and I were such great friends. As you know, in the pro-life movement, there is nobody bigger than Henry Hyde. So when I first entered politics in Ohio as a young pro-life legislator, one of the first people I met with was Henry Hyde. He became a valuable mentor and we became great friends, serving in Congress together for 16 years.

During that time, I have worked hard to follow in the footsteps of Congressman Hyde, especially in upholding and defending his great accomplishment for the cause of life - the Hyde Amendment.

Like Henry Hyde, abortion has never been a political issue for me - it is a deeply personal issue.

You may not know this, but I have eleven brothers and sisters. I know it wasn't convenient for my mother to have twelve of us, but I can say one thing ...

I am sure glad that they are all here.

Since 1976, the Hyde Amendment has prohibited the use of federal funds for abortions.

But the recently passed ObamaCare health care bill undermines and, in my opinion, threatens the continuation of the Hyde Amendment as national policy. This bill will potentially open the floodgates for taxpayer-funded abortion.

I believe this health care law will not stand. I estimate that as many as one hundred Congressional seats are in play this November as a result of public opposition to this bill. But, there are things we can do right now to defeat the abortion provisions of ObamaCare!

President Obama tells us that the law won't pay for abortions. But he is misleading the American people.

Let me be clear: Under President Obama's new health care reform law, there is no comprehensive ban on abortion funding.

Despite what you hear from the liberal media, President Obama's March 24, 2010, Executive Order does not make the new health care reform law conform to the Hyde Amendment.

Fortunately, Charmaine Yoest and the AUL team have been alert to the dangers posed by the new health reform law. They haven't been fooled by propaganda from the White House and the abortion lobby.

Thanks to your support, the AUL legal team has been able to formulate a state-by-state strategy that I believe can block the abortion provisions of ObamaCare.

I heartily endorse this strategy and ask you to generously support it today.

The AUL strategy is based on something called the "Federal Abortion-Mandate Opt-Out Act."

The Federal Abortion-Mandate Opt-Out Act is model legislation that AUL has developed to help states opt-out of an explicit abortion provision within the new health care reform law.

The AUL legal team has zeroed in on specific language in the new health care reform law that allows states to "opt out." That is, a state can refuse to allow insurance plans that cover abortion to participate in that state's exchanges. As of right now, several states have already enacted or recently passed legislation to opt out of including abortion-covering plans in their health exchanges. AUL was instrumental in a number of these cases, such as in Florida, Missouri and Mississippi.

More than two dozen other states have introduced an opt-out bill, are planning to introduce one shortly, or are laying the groundwork to introduce a bill as soon as their legislative calendars permit. AUL is helping these legislators craft and pass their own version of its Federal Abortion-Mandate Opt-Out Act.

Thanks to AUL, the American pro-life movement is fighting back.

I'd like to express my gratitude toward Americans United for Life for all the work they are doing - not just the work I saw during the health care debate over the past six months, but also for all their work over the years. For all the work that is being done today with me and with state legislators all around the country.

And we're winning. I KNOW the American people are with us.

But AUL urgently needs your financial support to aggressively implement this opt-out strategy - and save lives - across the nation.

I am hoping that you will help me send a strong message to President Obama and the abortion lobby that we are NOT GIVING UP! That we will work with the pro-life majority of America to craft state laws that block their dream of federal funding of abortion.

I ask that you send AUL your most generous, tax-deductible donation of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more today to help defend life in America.

Your donation will help AUL carry on the fight for the unborn in the states, in the courts and in the nation's capital.

Let me say again, thank you for all you have done for the pro-life cause and for Americans United for Life. But let me also remind you that now is the time for action. We need to redouble our efforts to protect the unborn.

I hope AUL can count on your support as we face the critical months ahead.

John Boehner
U. S. Congressman
House Republican Leader

P. S. We can win the war against abortion. We can overturn Roe v. Wade. We can put an end to the nightmare so that our children - like the 14-year-old girl I mentioned earlier - are safe from the horrors of abortion.

The first step on that road is protecting the Hyde Amendment. To do that, we must block the abortion provisions of ObamaCare. I believe the state-by-state strategy AUL has formulated is the right strategy. AUL and I have been fighting side-by-side for life for many years. I am standing beside them now to fight ObamaCare, and I urge you to do the same.

Please send AUL your most generous possible, tax-deductible contribution today. Thank you!