Bob Guida For Congress - The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

It is said that “Truth is the first casualty of war.”

America is on the brink of economic ruin, and her fundamental principles are under a concerted assault by this administration and Congress. America’s Strategic National Priorities – Fiscal Policy, Energy Policy, Foreign Policy and Congressional Ethics Reform – are not being addressed.

Here’s why I call these four areas “Strategic National Priorities.”

  1. The interest on our national debt (a debt which will grow by 1.4 TRILLION dollars next year) is piling up at A BILLION DOLLARS EVERY DAY.
  2. Our dependency on foreign oil delivers A BILLION DOLLARS EVERY DAY to OPEC.
  3. Our war efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq ring up at HALF A BILLION DOLLARS EVERY DAY, not including the cost of thousands killed, wounded and maimed in unimaginably terrible ways. I know about our casualties. I have visited Walter Reed and wept with these incredible heroes – men and women shattered in the service of our country.
  4. Payoffs, kickbacks, bribery, coercion, and intimidation – with ObamaCare as the penultimate example – are normal tactics in the conduct of business in Congress. The atmosphere of corruption has destroyed the trust of the American people in government.

We are borrowing HALF THE MONEY the federal government spends. And deficit spending is increasing, just like taxes and the cost of living, as the value of our dollar is declining because of the Fed’s monetary policy. The Fed believes that if we can’t borrow the money we are spending, we’ll just print some more to make up the difference.

Intellectual dishonesty in Congress and the media is destroying our country. In the critical matter of defending our founding principles, and in the concerted assault against the freedoms we cherish, we must remain focused on what is important.

I believe that in matters of principle, even if you don’t win, there is victory in fighting the battle. That’s how issues of principle remain alive. If we’re unwilling to fight because we might not win, we’ve essentially surrendered. If we’re unwilling to fight because we fear the lash of political correctness, we’ve already lost.

Taking back our government from the entrenched interests in Congress is going to require a colossal effort. The battle will not only be about issues, it will also be about process, and it’s going to need warriors who will stand on principle and fight with every means at their disposal. It’s the only way we are going to regain control of government.

Do we really think the entrenched power interests in Washington are going to be cowed by gentility or defeated by politeness? Do we believe that the people who control our nation’s ability to spend, to wage war, to tax and to regulate are going to willingly give up their grip on power and return meekly and politely to a position of service to our country?

I am running for Congress because a revolution requires leadership from the ranks of the insubordinate, not from the ranks of the politically ordained or the politically correct.

I am running because I have served our country as a Marine, an FBI Agent, a Selectman and a State Representative, and I have seen the abuses of power, violations of principle, and trampling of our Constitution that have become the norm in our state and federal systems of governance.

I am running because to change the political process in Washington, we are going to need Representatives who don’t care about political consequences because the fundamental principles that delivered and sustained our nation and our freedom must be restored without regard to political cost. It means we must speak the truth directly and without flinching.

This election will be the most critical in recent memory, if not in our nation’s history. Either we will begin the hard process of sacrifice to return government to the limited role envisioned by our Founding Fathers, or we will surrender our freedom to the slavery of government dependency and entitlements.

My name is Bob Giuda, and I will fight for you in Congress. And truth will not be a casualty in my war.

Yours in freedom,
Bob Giuda Candidate for Congress,
New Hampshire's Second Congressional Destrict
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