CHQ - Will NRA Endorse the "Anti-Gun" Harry Reid?

Will NRA Endorse the "Anti-Gun" Harry Reid?

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Will NRA Endorse the "Anti-Gun" Harry Reid?
Gun Owners of America (GOA) - Harry Reid is no friend of the Second Amendment, which makes the National Rifle Association's flirtation with the Democratic Senate Majority Leader all the more outrageous. Gun Owners of America reminds supporters who treasure their Second Amendment liberties that rewarding bad behavior on the part of Reid only encourages more of the same, regardless of the political calculations.

The GOP needs much more than anti-Obama voter angst
Washington Examiner - The editors of the Washington Examiner write that the Republican Party will need more than just voter angst against the Obama agenda should it retake control of Congress (or just one House) -- the GOP will need a real mandate to govern. For that reason, the editors argue that Republican candidates should adopt Rep. Paul Ryan's (lifetime ACU rating 92.36%) 'road map' proposals, which may be a politically risky move (because Ryan's plan would reform entitlements), but will also provide the Party a real plan to deal with the issues that Americans care about.

Blogger asks whether NRA places political considerations before the Constitution
True North (blog) - Gary Gross says he's never been a member of the National Rifle Association, but even he sees the damage that's being done to its members by the organization's endorsement flirtation with liberal Majority Leader Harry Reid (lifetime ACU rating 18.56%). Gross argues that endorsing Reid has a number of negative connotations and no positive ones -- and that the NRA will not gain any leg-up in fighting harmful legislation while standing to lose millions through alienating its conservative, Constitution-loving membership.

It's not only about 'the Economy, Stupid.' It's about Freedom
Catholic Online - Ken Blackwell writes that the grassroots uprising that America is experiencing is about much more than just anger over the bloated and wasteful federal budget. It's about the very concept of freedom. Blackwell says that Americans are seeing their freedoms being eroded away, including the Obama Administration's all-out assault on religious freedoms. The grassroots Tea Party movement has become the voice of those who want to maintain the ability to make moral decisions according to their own conscience, unencumbered by a government that's antagonistic to them.

Palin's small-donor fundraising shows path around GOP establishment to nomination
Daily Caller - Washington insiders say that the Republican Party establishment distrusts Gov. Sarah Palin because they have no control over what she's going to do (or say). So, it must be especially disturbing to GOP leaders to see Palin's grassroots small-donor fundraising power might allow her to run for president without help from the Party's big 'whale' donors. Palin continues to drop subtle hints that she's planning to run (such as making targeted PAC contributions in Iowa and South Carolina), and her popularity with the conservative grassroots would certainly aid her if that's what she decides to do.

Pro-Life Group Forcing Americans to "Face the Truth"
The New American - In the everyday world of American politics, politicians and interest groups walk the halls of Congress and politely (mostly) debate the issues of our time, but reality is often much 'uglier' than a mere policy discussion. One Chicago-based Pro-Life group's (Pro-Life Action League) members feel it isn't enough to simply argue with liberals over the matter of abortion. They're taking the graphic images of the brutal act to the streets to demonstrate what really happens to babies -- and saving lives in the process.

Alaska's GOP Senate race offers voters a real philosophical choice in candidates
Alaska Dispatch - Perhaps no place in the country is there a clearer choice for a state's Republican voters than in Alaska, where 'outsider' Joe Miller is challenging incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski (lifetime ACU rating 70.19%) for the GOP's U.S. Senate nomination. Murkowski is offering her experience, committee assignments, and the ability to bring home federal pork as the reasons why Alaskans should send her back to Washington. Miller is countering with constitutional conservatism, fiscal reality, and common sense.