Heritage - Oil Spill Event, Losing Our Freedom, and New START

The land of the “Mostly Free.”

Each year, in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal, The Heritage Foundation produces the Index of Economic Freedom. This year, the United States fell two spots in the world rankings to 8th. And, we were downgraded from a “Free Economy” to a “Mostly Free” economy. While Congress has not moved to change the words of our National Anthem, Heritage has produced a report to outline what we can do about the startling decline in economic freedom. Read it here.

A Heritage team returned from the Gulf Coast region with a report on the oil spill for Washington.

This afternoon at 2pm Eastern time, they will hold an event to discuss their findings. The event will feature Jefferson Parrish, Louisiana, Council Chairman John F. Young, Jr. along with two Heritage analysts who were part of the trip.

For more information about the event or to watch live online, click here.

And here is our series of blog entries on the spill:

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What’s wrong with the New START?

Heritage analysts are tracking the developments on this proposed missile treaty with Russia very closely, particularly as it relates to our ability to deploy a missile defense system. Please check out our resources to learn more:

New START: Beyond the Rhetoric

Verification and the New START Treaty

Obama’s Worst Foreign Policy Mistake  

I’ve also attached an excellent Memo to the Movement from the Conservative Action Project on the issue for your review.

Are you tired of hearing that tax cuts caused the deficit?

Check out this Wall Street Journal piece by Heritage analyst Brian Riedl which explains that spending increases, not tax cuts, are driving the deficit.


Keep fighting the good fight.