NHDP Calls on Ayotte to Disclose Earmark Requests She Made as AG

As Part of Election-Year Transformation, Ayotte has Run Away from Record of Supporting Congressional Earmarks
CONCORD - Today the New Hampshire Democratic Party called on Republican senate candidate Kelly Ayotte to disclose a list of all the earmark requests she made to Senator Judd Gregg during her five-year tenure as Attorney General.
With a long record of supporting and seeking federal earmarks as Attorney General, Ayotte told the Nashua Telegraph, shortly after entering the race, that she "does not oppose earmarks" [Nashua Telegraph, 11/12/09]. However, facing an increasingly competitive primary, Ayotte has flipped her position and is now traveling the state on her 'Stop the Spending' Tour, touting her opposition to earmarks.
"Like any good politician, Kelly Ayotte has a bit of amnesia when it comes to the parts of her record that are politically inconvenient," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "She seems to have forgotten her long history of earmark requests, just as she's forgotten her support for the stimulus, her opposition to the Arizona immigration law and her opposition to letting insurance companies sell policies across state lines. Instead of being an honest, independent voice for the Granite State, Ayotte is busy trying to erase parts of her record to please the Republican political establishment down in Washington."
Ayotte is quoted in several press releases from Senator Gregg's office over the years, commending him for securing earmarks for law enforcement, saying, "Senator Gregg's hard work to secure federal funds to assist the New Hampshire Drug Task Force will greatly enhance local and state law enforcement's efforts to take drug dealers off our streets" and, "I thank Senator Gregg for his tireless work to bring federal support to New Hampshire's coordinated efforts to interdict, apprehend, and prosecute those who would sell these drugs to our children and neighbors" [Gregg press releases 6/19/08, 2/25/09].
"Ayotte should disclose the earmarks she requested as Attorney General and stop trying to delete her record," said Browne.