CHQ - Good riddance to establishment GOP

Richard Viguerie: Good riddance to establishment GOP

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Richard Viguerie: Good riddance to establishment GOP
Politico - Outgoing South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis blasted outspoken conservatives in the new and alternative media, and says many Republicans in Congress feel the same but are "afraid" to say so. Inglis is an example of the problem with the GOP. He may have compiled a good conservative voting record, but ratings do not show leadership - or humility. The establishment GOP wants conservatives to be lapdogs. Richard Viguerie says establishment Republicans like Inglis (who recently lost his primary race by 42 points) have contributed to corrupt, big government, either actively or passively, as our constitutional rights got trampled. Now that grassroots conservatives and Tea Parties have started voting them out, it's good riddance, Viguerie adds.

Lindsey Graham: Poster child for 'former or soon to be politicians'
Daily Caller - James Michael Pratt states it boldly: Sen. Lindsey Graham has already lost his bid for re-election in 2014, and he doesn't even know it yet. Pratt takes Graham to task for the senator's recent statements disparaging Tea Partiers, and says the movement will not 'die out' because its core is solidified by a fundamental devotion to the Constitution - and principles will trump politics, making politicians like Graham a very endangered species in Congress, indeed.

Mitch McConnell could force Harry Reid into conflict with NRA over Kagan, but will he?
Reporter Online - Conservative Rick Manning used to work for the National Rifle Association, and he says the group's endorsement in the Nevada U.S. Senate race could largely depend on liberal Majority Leader Harry Reid's vote on whether to confirm Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan (whom the NRA opposes). Manning says Minority Leader Mitch McConnell holds all the cards - he can try and filibuster Kagan's nomination and force Reid to vote for cloture, or he can merely let it slide to a simple-majority confirmation vote and let Harry off the hook with the NRA.

Why they fear the Tea Party
The American Conservative -- Jack Hunter writes, "Rejecting the old partisanship that has long characterized American politics is exactly where the Tea Party is encouraging. How many Tea Party folks now defend the big spending, budget-busting George W. Bush years? Sure, they will point out that Obama is spending more, and they will admit to voting for Dubya-but a significant portion of Tea Partiers will not defend him.

After North Carolina's primaries, NC Tea Partiers focus on November - North Carolina's Tea Party members, like those from all across the country have taken part in rallies and protests, but now they say they're turning their focus in a different direction, towards influencing November's elections. Here's a snapshot of local North Carolina Tea Parties and how they're going about trying to affect change in government - and for some of them, it starts with replacing their liberal county commissioners. (Be sure to click on the video, it's worth watching.)