NH AFLCIO - Comprehensive Financial Reform


Statement by President Mark MacKenzie
On Impact of Passage of Comprehensive Financial Reform in New Hampshire
July 16, 2010

Yesterday’s vote is a historic victory for working people against the big banks. Working families in New Hampshire thank Senator Shaheen for her vote in support of financial reform that will hold Wall Street accountable for the economic crisis and ensure they don’t have the power to do it again. After today, big banks will no longer be able to use their greed to profit on the backs of working families. Millions of working families lost their jobs and still can’t find work because of the reckless and selfish actions of Wall Street and the big banks.

It’s outrageous that after Wall Street’s greed caused the economic crisis and destroyed millions of jobs, all but three Republicans in the US Senate voted against holding big banks accountable and making them pay for their decisions.

President Obama and working family leaders in Congress like Senator Shaheen stood firm to continue our path toward an economy that works for everyone. In the end, fifty seven Democrats and three Republicans voted for this landmark legislation.

Today’s vote, along with the historic vote on health care reform, marks a significant shift from the past. This November, New Hampshire voters will once again have the choice to stay on the path to change or look back to the failed policies of the past. Working families will be dedicated to supporting leaders like Senator Shaheen who vote to create jobs and hold Wall Street and big business accountable.