Jennifer Horn Wins 3rd Straight Straw Poll

Over the weekend, Jennifer Horn won the Rockingham County GOP "Meet the Candidates" Picnic and Straw Poll.

Jennifer Horn, 43%
Charlie Bass, 32%
Bob Giuda, 23%

This is the 3rd straight Straw Poll that Jennifer Horn has won.

Last week, Jennifer won the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers Straw Poll: Jennifer
Horn (46%), Bob Giuda (30%), Charlie Bass (11%).

In April. Jennifer Horn won the Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Straw Poll conducted during the Manchester "Tea Party" rally: Jennifer Horn (51%), Bob Guida (34%), Charlie Bass (15%).

"The people are making their voices heard, sending a resounding message that they will not tolerate big-government, free-spending politicians, and they will not waste any more votes on them," said Jennifer Horn. "They will not be fooled by big-spending politicians pretending to be fiscal conservatives. The principles of personal freedom, unlimited opportunity and small, limited government are the path to a free and prosperous tomorrow."