Jim Bender wins first major straw poll, moves ahead of Democrat Hodes in new Rasmussen poll

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July, 19, 2010

Jim wins major Republican Senate primary poll

The Bender Campaign had a strong weekend with Jim winning the straw poll at the Rockingham County Republican Committee’s picnic in Brentwood.  Jim came in first place with about 900 ballots cast. 

Jim moves ahead of Rep. Paul Hodes in latest Rasmussen Poll

Last week, a Rasmussen Reports poll on the New Hampshire Senate race showed that Jim Bender is leading Democrat Paul Hodes proving that this is an open race and the campaign is continuing to gain momentum as voters who meet Jim are saying he is a candidate who is genuine, trustworthy and committed to restoring accountability in Washington.

Jim was featured on the front page of today’s New Hampshire Union Leader.
Senate hopeful Bender says he's got "the ability to get it done"
The New Hampshire Union Leader
Monday, July 19, 2010

“Bender broke though, drawing much media attention with a July 4 television advertisement featuring a gluttonous "Uncle Sam" sloppily devouring pieces of cake shaped like a bank, an automobile and a diploma, among other things. From New Hampshire to Washington, the blogosphere ate it up.”  Click here to watch the ad 

Jim’s quotes from the story: 

"I've been a lumberjack, I've been a construction worker, I've been a janitor in a hospital at the age of 16. I've been a bartender, I had a business painting houses and mowing lawns and shoveling snow when I was a kid.

"I'm a guy who can relate to the working man and a guy who's been able to run business better because I can relate to the working man," Bender said.

"We truly are not trusted around the world anymore," he said, "and if we can't send different leaders to Washington, the consequences could be immeasurable."

Bender also said that at age 57, he is not looking for a career in Washington and proposes limiting senators to two six-year terms and House members to four two-year terms.

"The federal government regulates with too heavy a hand," he said. "We are regulating many of our industries into destruction."

Jim talks about restoring the American Dream on WMUR-TV

Jim Bender appeared on WMUR-TV's "Close Up" with Josh McElveen on Sunday.  In this clip, Jim talks about why he is running for US Senate.  Jim believes in the American dream and feels the federal government is destroying the American dream along with the economy and New Hampshire voters are telling him they are concerned and frustrated with the government and their lack of courage to do the right thing for its citizens.

Click here to watch the clip

Christine Baratta
Communications Director
Jim Bender for US Senate