CHQ - Is Harry Reid pro-gun or anti-gun? You decide

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Is Harry Reid pro-gun or anti-gun? You decide. -- Nevada's Senator Harry Reid claims to be a defender of the Second Amendment, yet as the NRA flirts with an endorsement of the embattled senator, Gun Owners of America presents a list of 43 votes over the last 20 years -- and asks whether or not Reid's record reflects the values of a true defender of gun rights in America.

Some Republicans are terrified at the prospect of a 'Tea Party Caucus' in the Senate
Washington Post - The potential of conservative Tea Party-backed senators scares the Republican establishment to death, with top Republicans such as former Majority Leader Trent Lott saying recently, '(W)e don't need a lot of Jim DeMint disciples. As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them.' Even the threat of having to keep their promises to shrink federal power and cut the federal budget has many in the GOP quaking at the prospect of having new names such as Rubio, Buck, Angle, Paul and Lee in the Senate.

Texas conservative Tom Pauken believes the GOP needs new leaders
Dallas Morning News - Texas conservative stalwart Tom Pauken is the latest movement leader to question whether the current Republican Party leadership is credible enough to unite conservatives behind the GOP. Pauken reserved special criticism for Texas Rep. Pete Sessions (who heads the National Republican Congressional Committee), saying that he's not up to the job and should be replaced after November's elections even if the GOP retakes the House. Pauken also agrees with Richard Viguerie on the historic nature of America's Tea Parties, saying they're a more powerful force than anything he's seen in his lifetime.

The NRA's long-winded, self-serving confirmation of the Reid rumor
Thunder Tales (blog) - National Rifle Association Member Ed Rasimus received an email answer to his comment regarding the organization's potential endorsement of Majority Leader Harry Reid in the Nevada Senate race, and he provides it here for all to see. To Rasimus, it's enough that the NRA even admits to considering Reid for an endorsement to get him agitated at the NRA's leadership.

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz sets a hopeful precedent on Afghanistan
American Conservative - Daniel McCarthy writes on the 'hope' being given the anti-war right in Congress by a movement among some Republicans to oppose funding for the Afghanistan War, a sign that the neoconservative stranglehold on the GOP may be loosening. McCarthy cites the recent vote by Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz (lifetime ACU rating 100%) to oppose sending more money to a war that appears as though it will go on indefinitely. Some conservatives will no longer just rubber-stamp the GOP's expensive foreign policy.

Could Nevada's Sharron Angle be the Tea Party Rebellion's Patton of the West?
Washington Examiner - Mark Tapscott profiles Nevada GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle, a leader who has shown a consistent willingness to speak truth to power, challenge the establishment and relentlessly pursue her conservative principles no matter what stands before her. Tapscott compares her dogged determination to another great leader (Gen. George S. Patton), and says if she's elected, she'll take those skills to Washington to truly shake things up.

Colorado's Ken Buck has become the conservative favorite in the GOP primary
Denver Post - Colorado GOP U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck has become a favorite of his state's conservative grassroots because his principled stances on the role of government are more credible than the establishment favorite, Jane Norton's. Here's a look at Buck's views (in his own words) on several issues that are relevant to Colorado's conservative voters, and a preview of what he'd like to do if he reaches the Senate.