NH GOP - Howie Carr Responds to the Liberal Boston Media

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Howie Carr responds to the liberal Boston media:

Now, my campaign stump speech

By Howie Carr | Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hell yes, I’ve done fund-raisers for Republicans, and I’ll do it again.

Did another one yesterday as a matter of fact - slipped my Globe tail and drove up Route 3 to Billerica for a small $20-a-head event for state rep candidate Marc Lombardo. Surely you bow-tied bumkissers have heard of Billerica -didn’t you used to have some printing presses there until 300,000 or so of your subscribers disappeared, taking all the classified ads with them?

Even now, in its final days, the Globe is very, very concerned about journalistic ethics - mine, not theirs. They were shocked to read in the Manchester Union-Leader that I am doing a fund-raiser in Nashua for the New Hampshire Republican Party on July 31.

It’s apparently a conflict of interest, a subject the Globe knows a lot about. Does anyone remember this headline in the Sunday Globe on Jan. 10, a mere nine days before Scott Brown crushed “Marsha” Coakley?

“Senate poll: Coakley up 15 points.”

And they call Fox Faux News! There are only two conclusions you can draw from that “story” - the Globe is either hopelessly incompetent or hopelessly corrupt, and either way, who are they to lecture anyone else on anything?

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