CHQ - Emergence of "tea party" mindset is buoying the right-of-center

Emergence of "tea party" mindset is buoying the right-of-center

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Emergence of "tea party" mindset is buoying the right-of-center
Arizona Central - Conservatives and libertarians gathered recently in Las Vegas to hold the annual FreedomFest convention, and the mood was for the most part upbeat at the prospects for revival of right-of-center leadership in the present political climate. Richard Viguerie touched on the power of the Tea Parties to further that end: "All my life, I never understood how we could turn everything around back to the vision of our Founders of a small constitutional government. With the arrival of the Tea Party, I see for the first time in my life how we can possibly turn it around."

Poll reveals a wide gap between Americans' views and DC elites'
Politico - A recent poll confirmed what has been obvious to Americans for some time, that Washington DC's 'elites' are out of touch with the views of the People and there's a sizeable disconnect between the people who do the work in this country and those who make policy. As an example, DC elites are high on Pres. Obama, low on Sarah Palin, and put a great deal less weight on hot-button issues such as healthcare and Social Security when compared to the general public. (Be sure to click on the video with analysis of the poll results.)

Not all the potential Republican Senate newcomers are principled conservatives
Washington Post - Marc Thiessen writes on the potential new crop of Republican senators who could be coming to Washington next year, noting that the conservative Tea Party-backed candidates are getting most of the headlines, but that's not the whole story. Thiessen warns that there are a number of Republican big spenders who are on the ballot as well, and if we're not careful, the Big-Government Republican freshmen could easily outnumber the boat-rocking principled conservatives.

Conservatives must remain vigilant in support of Tea Parties
American Thinker - Tea Partier Lloyd Marcus addresses the controversy surrounding the establishment media's continued attempts to brand America's Tea Parties as 'racist,' and implores conservatives not to fall for it. Marcus presents several images the Left used during the Bush years that were largely ignored by the hypocritical Leftist media culture, and warns that the attacks will continue no matter what we do to combat them. Marcus says we must remain vigilant in fighting for conservative causes.

Republicans mull calling Harry Reid's hand as Kagan's confirmation vote nears
Newsmax - As soon as the National Rifle Association announced that it would 'score' the vote, Democratic senators (including Majority Leader Harry Reid) from conservative-leaning states were certainly running scared over the prospect of needing to vote to confirm anti-gun Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Time is running out for Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to call for a filibuster, however, and it's still not clear whether Reid will be let off the hook with the NRA watching.

Gov. Sarah Palin again tests her political clout against the Alaskan GOP establishment
Washington Times - Nowhere in America is there a clearer case of conservatives versus a state GOP establishment than in Alaska, where Gov. Sarah Palin-backed Joe Miller is taking on RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski (lifetime ACU rating 70.19%) in the state's GOP primary next month. Palin has put a lot of political capital on the line in endorsing Miller, and the contest will certainly test whether she still holds sway in her home state.