Giuda For Congress - Job Application

Job Application

On September 14th, the first step of a two-part “national hiring process” will take place. Voters will go to the polls in our statewide primary to select the candidates that will represent them in the general election. On September 14th, you will choose the candidate to champion the things you believe are vital to our nation’s future.

At a time when we are at war, when the legislative process is broken, when spending and taxation are rising at unsustainable levels, our country needs people in Congress who will make the tough calls on wasteful, needless  and harmful legislation and spending. The best way to determine whether someone can make those calls is with a proven record of performance that is consistent with the things we believe. I am the only candidate in this race with that record.

At a recent speech, I asked the crowd, “Which candidates do you want managing your finances, laying requirements on the operation of your business, and determining the future for your family? Because they will.”

Our legislative process is broken. It is broken because those we elected to control our government have instead become part of it. It is broken because those we trusted to be prudent stewards of our resources and our freedom have squandered them. They have ignored the Constitution, choosing instead to enact and expand the very entitlements that are bankrupting us, believing that “promote the general welfare” meant “provide the general welfare”. With every new entitlement, with every new intrusion into our privacy, with every new tax or tax increase they enact, they continue to assault the 3 underlying principles upon which our Constitutional Republic stands: personal responsibility, individual liberty, and economic freedom.

As I said in my last message, “The battle in Washington is going to require not only the courage to vote the right way, but also the knowledge of how to fight the system that is taking our nation down the road to ruin. I know how to fight within the system, because I did it for you here in Concord.”

Our country needs us. America needs us.  We have united many times in our history to overcome major threats and challenges, and we can do it again. It will take leadership, skill and courage – and Representatives who have proven that they are deserving of your trust and support because they have fought for these issues in our communities and in our state. I stand proudly on my service to community, state and nation – in uniform as a Marine , as a past Selectman and State Representative, and as a fellow American who believes that we can – and we must – return government to its intended role of servant rather than master.

Now, I’m asking you to hire me to work for you in Washington.
Our campaign schedule is very, very busy. It’s vital that I meet as many citizens as possible so I can continue to share our message of smaller government, fiscal responsibility and personal freedom. Every dollar you send enables us to keep on fighting for you. Please go to  and see when I’ll be in your area at an event. I need your input and your support. And now, more than ever, our country needs your input and your support.
Campaigns need funding for the many things that are required – equipment, advertising, staff, and so much more. You donations are critical to our success, and I’m asking for your financial support. You can donate directly through the website, or by mailing a check to

      Bob Giuda for Congress
      26 South Main St., PMB #149
      Concord, NH 03301 
      (Please include the name of your employer and your job title.)

Finally, I hope you will come to our “VIP Reception & Silent Auction Fundraiser” on Sunday, August 1st, from 2-5PM at the Dell Lea Country Club, 81 Pleasant St., Chichester, NH. Tickets are $25 per person, or $40 per couple. The Silent Auction will “water your eyes” with such prizes as Red Sox tickets for Private Club seats, Fresh Lobster delivered to your door, a ductless air conditioning system, a  residential water treatment  system, and many more items including collectibles, antiques and much, much more.
Thanks for your commitment to liberty. I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail!

Yours in freedom,
Bob Giuda Candidate for Congress,
New Hampshire's Second Congressional Destrict