Jack for Gov - Sign Wave Tonight at the Canidate Forum


Thank you for your continued support. Please forward this e-mail to 20 of your like minded friends. This will help grow our base of supporters which is vital for the upcoming primaries on September 14th 2010. Below you will find information about upcoming events and how to get involved. Look forward to seeing all of you out at any of these events.


July 21st Canidate Forum
Will take place at the NH Institute of Politics, Saint Anslem College, 100 Saint Anslem Drive, Manchester, NH on July 21st. Political Pundit James Pindell from NHPoliticalReport.com will be moderating a fun, fast-paced forum with CD-1 candidates and all Gubernatorial candidates. Questions the audience. We have to have a large presence at this event.  It will be from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. 

Our campaign will be having a sign wave starting at 5:45 pm. We need to have a great big presence there. Please see Tom Lukacz or Pam Smith if you want to participate.

July 24th Meet & Greet

There will be a Meet & Greet for me held at the home of Peg Stoodley on Saturday July 24th at 7:00 pm. 14 Hilltop Drive Deerfield.


Call for Directions: 603-736-4796. (Rt 107 to Echo Valley Farm Rd. Left onto Hilltop. House is 2nd on the left.

Sunday July 25th. 
There will be a cookout meet and greet in honor of Jack Kimball at the home of [Name and address removed upon request]. Start time 2:00 pm