NHDP - Sean Mahoney's Campaign Anything But Fiscally Responsible

Mahoney has spent nearly four times as much as he has raised this cycle

Concord - In an article in the Laconia Citizen this weekend, Republican Congressional candidate Sean Mahoney discussed the keys to his campaign.  If elected, Mahoney claimed he'd work for "less spending," adding that Republicans "over the past 10 years were not the fiscal conservatives they should have been."

"Sean Mahoney talking about reducing spending is like Bernie Madoff giving investment advice," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "So far his campaign has spent nearly four times more money than it has raised.  How is that keeping spending low or being fiscally responsible?"

The latest FEC report from Mahoney's campaign shows he raised a mere $125,000 thus far in the campaign, while he has spent nearly $500,000.(fec.gov)  The extreme burn rate of close to 400% is being sustained by an $800,000 loan Mahoney made to his campaign.

During his previous two runs for political office, Mahoney also loaned himself hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In a failed run for Congress in 2002, Mahoney loaned his campaign $685,000.(fec.gov)  In 2006, Mahoney loaned himself $118,000 for an unsuccessful campaign for the state Executive Council--more than two thirds of his total expenditures. (sos.nh.gov)

Over the past ten years, Sean Mahoney has loaned his campaigns over 1.6 million dollars.  But during his 2002 and 2006 runs he failed to make it out of the Republican primary either time.  In fact, Mahoney never finished higher than second place and spent more than $50 for every vote he received.   

"How can he expect the voters of New Hampshire to believe he will keep spending low and government efficient in Washington when all three of his campaigns have failed miserably at both?" asked Kirstein.

"Sean Mahoney is a career politician, and he is trying to spend his way into office for the third time this decade," added Kirstein.  "But New Hampshire citizens don't sell their votes to the highest bidder, and they won't be buying Mahoney's phony message on spending."