CHQ - Bush speech writer doesn't 'get' the Tea Party (go figure)

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Bush speech writer doesn't 'get' the Tea Party (go figure)
Daily Caller - Conservative stalwarts Diana Banister and Craig Shirley take on former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson's failure to comprehend the Tea Party movement, arguing that true conservatism needs no 'qualifier' and conservatives have always stood for limited government, not just when it's politically convenient. Banister and Shirley say that the Tea Party movement's fight for freedom and the ordered rule of law will continue despite the elites' lack of understanding of what it means to be a conservative.

Former Sen. Trent Lott confirms he's a paid tool of the Washington Establishment
Washington Examiner - Mark Tapscott reacts with astonishment to the report that former Sen. Trent Lott expressed contempt for America's Tea Parties (saying "We don't need a lot of Jim DeMint disciples. As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them."), and argues that it just confirms what we've always suspected about Lott - that's he just a Big-Government tool of the Washington Establishment. Tapscott is right in saying that the old GOP big-spender mentality is truly in danger if more people like Jim DeMint come to town.

Tony Blankley: The GOP needs to demonstrate positive, self-reliant values
Washington Times - Tony Blankley writes that the Republican Party needs to do much more than serve as the opposition to the Democrats' socialist agenda; it has to move forward with ideas that emphasize positive, self-reliant values. Blankley argues that America can experience a cultural and economic revival similar to Britain's in the early 19th century if conservatives can harness the limited government furor sweeping the country, but also re-emphasize the values that once made us the envy of the world.

Republican victory does not necessarily mean conservative victory
American Thinker - Bruce Walker writes of the positive political outlook for Republicans heading into the next several national elections, with the possibility that the Party could enact its agenda over the objection of every single Democrat - but that also doesn't necessarily mean that conservatives will be in charge. Walker says conservatives have an excellent chance (perhaps their last one) to take over the leadership of the GOP and then win the opportunity to pass reforms that will truly have us back on the road to liberty.

House Tea Party Caucus forces Republicans to go all-in or stay out
Politico - Rep. Michele Bachmann's move to officially bring the Tea Party within the halls of Congress (through the Tea Party Caucus) is drawing reaction from Republicans who are happily signing on (such as Rep. Mike Pence) and forcing others to commit publicly to the grassroots conservative movement that is growing by the day. Bachmann's bold action will certainly serve to separate those who are truly dedicated to the Tea Party's limited government cause from those who are only paying it lip service.

Blogger writes: NRA Political Victory Fund needs a brain transplant
Conscience of a Conservative (blog) - Blogger Oldironsides writes on the full evolution of his dealings with the National Rifle Association, concluding with a letter of resignation to the organization over its purported support of liberal Harry Reid in the Nevada U.S. Senate race. The blogger correctly points out that although the NRA may have supported Democrats with passable gun records for Congress, those same Democrats help confirm anti-gun appointments to the federal bench and top administration posts once they arrive.