MANCHESTER – Today, Cornerstone Action began a substantial statewide ad buy on New Hampshire radio that highlights many of the liberal positions taken by Republican US Senate candidate, Bill Binnie.

The one-minute ad titled, “Shockingly Liberal”, takes issue with Bill Binnie’s positions on:


  • that he might have voted for the $700 billion dollar bank bailout (TARP)

(Nashua Telegraph, 1/31/10)

  • being “excited” about gay marriage

(Concord Monitor, 11/5/09)

  • describing himself as “intellectually liberal”

(Chicago Tribune, 11/7/03)

  • opposing Arizona’s immigration law

(Rochester 9/12 Debate, 5/6/10)

  • supporting key elements of President Obama’s health care package

(Hotline, 3/25/10)

  • having contributed to Democrats, Marty Meehan and Jeanne Shaheen

(, Union Leader, 7/7/10)

Commenting on the new ad was Cornerstone Action Executive Director, Kevin Smith:

“We felt it was vitally important at this time that the voters know exactly where Mr. Binnie stands on issues that matter most to conservatives and Republicans.  Mr. Binnie has spend a lot of money to this point portraying himself as a conservative candidate – and has virtually gotten a free pass in doing so, but once you scratch below the surface you realize that there is actually very little between his positions and those of Paul Hodes.  In fact, we couldn’t even fit all that is “shockingly liberal” about him in just a one minute ad.”

The radio ad can be listened to by clicking HERE 

**Below is the transcript of the ad, “Shockingly Liberal”:

Man:  Sweetheart , have you seen Bill Binnie’s ads on tv? Or all those mailers?  He seems like a very interesting candidate for US Senate.

Woman:  I have, but did you know that his flashy ads are actually hiding his shockingly liberal positions on almost every issue?

Man:  Shockingly liberal?

Woman:  Yes.  Did you know Bill Binnie said that he might have voted for the $700 billion dollar bank bailout?  And he’s excited about New Hampshire’s new gay marriage law.

Man:  Excited about gay marriage?

Woman:  He’s actually described himself as being intellectually liberal.

Man:  And he’s running as a Republican!

Woman:  I know.  He also opposes Arizona’s new common sense law that cracks down on illegal immigration. 

Man:  He is shockingly liberal.  What else isn’t he telling us?

Woman:  Well, he supports key elements of President Obama’s takeover of our healthcare system.   And Bill Binnie has a history of donating money to Democrats like Massachusetts liberal Marty Meehan and Jeanne Shaheen!

Man:  Well, his ads make him seem like he’s a conservative, but he really is shockingly liberal. 


Cornerstone-Action is the legislative and political advocacy arm of Cornerstone Policy Research. 

Cornerstone Policy Research is a non-partisan, non-profit education and research organization dedicated to the preservation of strong families, limited government and free markets.