Heritage - Five Recommendations for Economic Freedom and More From Heritage


Recommendations to Restore Economic Freedom

We are faced with a choice on how best to turn our economy around: continue the policies of bigger government and more regulation which suffocates economic growth, or return to the principles of economic freedom which made us the greatest nation on Earth. As part of a recent report on the state of our economic freedom, Heritage made 24 recommendations to put us back on the right path.

Here are the first 5:

1. Reject stifling regulation of health care, the environment, financial institutions, and the Internet.

2. Create a nonpartisan Congressional Regulation Office to review new regulations.

3. Sunset all existing and new regulations to require periodic review and reauthorization.

4. Phase out all remaining U.S. tariffs and import quotas.

5. Reform U.S. trade remedies to bring them into compliance with international trade rules.

To read more about these, and the 19 other reform proposals from Heritage, click here.


The Economic Case Against the Death Tax

Heritage analyst Curtis Dubay lays out the case against the death tax. “Studies, statistics, and real life have shown again and again that the businesses and families burdened with the death tax often see themselves forced to cut back on benefits, investments, and employees. The death tax keeps new jobs from being created, hurting not just the affected businesses, but the economy as a whole. Because it is a tax on capital, the death tax destroys as many as 1.5 million jobs that the economy needs as it struggles to recover.” Read more here.


New York Times Gets it Wrong on Death Tax

Who Profits from the Death Tax? Estate Planning Lawyers.


Kagan Nomination Moves from Judiciary Committee to the Senate Floor

Elena Kagan’s quest to move from political activist to Supreme Court Justice moved one step closer this week as the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 13-6 to send her nomination on to the full Senate.

Heritage continues to track the nomination and the Conservative Action Project, lead by Former Attorney General Edwin Meese, released the attached Memo to the Movement on Kagan.


Values Voters Summit – September 17-19 in Washington, DC

Join Heritage at the Family Research Council Action's Values Voter Summit 2010 in Washington, DC, from September 17-19. The event will feature prominent conservatives including Phyllis Schlafly, Janet Parshall, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA), Bill Bennett, and many more. Heritage will hold a screening of Let Me Rise, our powerful documentary on education reform, and host a panel discussion about the connections between social and economic conservatism featuring FRC’s Ken Blackwell and Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal. Register at ValuesVoterSummit.org and watch the video here.


Finally, @InsiderOnline editor Alex and I will be attending the 2010 Right Online Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada this Friday and Saturday. Organizers anticipate at least 1,000 conservative activists will be in attendance this year to hear from Members of Congress like Mike Pence and Michele Bachmann as well as to be trained in everything from Facebook to website building to citizen investigative journalism. Be sure to check out our tweets (@MarkdKelly2) and blog posts from the event. If you are on twitter, follow the #ro10 hashtag for tweets from everyone at the conference. And, if you are going to be in Las Vegas, stop by the Heritage table and say hello.