Jeb Bradley NH Senate - Support Andy Sanborn for State Senate

Dear Friends

I am writing this e-blast asking that you consider helping and supporting my friend, Andy Sanborn, who is running for the New Hampshire Senate in District 7.

Andy owns a successful restaurant and he understands what it means to meet a payroll and the struggles that small business owners and working families face. You may also know him as a proven tax fighter. Andy led efforts to repeal the job killing LLC Tax which is nothing more than an income tax on business owners.

For New Hampshire to get its economy back on track and to balance the looming budget deficit, we need committed conservatives like Andy who not only understand how jobs are created, but also how businesses and families confront challenging economic circumstances ---- by not spending money they don’t have.

If you have read my e-blasts over the past months you know the ever steepening challenges our state faces: a 23% increase in spending over the past two budgets, 67 separate tax or fee hikes in that period, a $300 million deficit in the current budget, a projected $600 million and counting deficit in the 2011 budget, unsustainable borrowing, unprecedented reliance on one-time sources of revenue, an over-zealous regulatory climate that targets small businesses, and attempts by state government to simply take private property from New Hampshire citizens.

You also know that my top priorities -- like Andy’s -- are improving the business climate in New Hampshire, cutting wasteful spending, and allowing you to keep more of what you earn. To restore these priorities in Concord it is vital to elect committed conservatives and proven tax fighters such as Andy Sanborn to the New Hampshire Legislature.

Andy is running for the Senate in a large district. He needs financial contributions to purchase lawn signs, send mail to voters, and advertise. He also needs volunteers to distribute his literature, make phone calls and get like-minded people to the polls. If you are able to assist Andy in any of these ways – large or small --- he would be extremely grateful. And you would help restore New Hampshire’s Live Free or Die Values of smaller less intrusive government, lower taxes, and personal freedom.

Please take a moment to visit his website at to learn more about Andy. If you want to contribute to his campaign, please use this link: If you want to volunteer please use the Volunteer icon at

Thank you so much for your consideration. With your help and support we can change the direction of New Hampshire.

Sincerely Yours,

Jeb Bradley