Ashooh For Congress - It's Time to be Clear on Illegal Immigration

Recent public comments expose real differences between the 1st CD candidates

(Manchester, NH)  Businessman Rich Ashooh, candidate for Congress in the 1st CD, issued the following statement today regarding the issue of illegal immigration:

   “Our country was founded by immigrants and has prospered over the years thanks to the contributions of the men and women who came here legally, worked hard, and assimilated into the American culture. In fact, my grandparents did just that.  However, the current situation regarding illegal immigration in this nation is unsustainable, of great concern to voters around the district, and requires real leadership to solve.  It is also an issue that highlights significant differences between me and at least one of my opponents.”

  "My position is clear:  if the U.S. is going to have a comprehensive and successful immigration policy, we must first secure our borders in order to stop the flow of illegals. Second, we must remove the incentives for people to come here illegally. There should be no taxpayer-funded benefits such as healthcare, education, housing or welfare for people here illegally. We must also crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants and states that give them driver's licenses. Third, we must enforce existing immigration laws and deport people who we know are here illegally.”

  “By contrast, my primary opponent Sean Mahoney does not think the Federal Government should enforce existing immigration laws and deport people who we know are in the country illegally. He is also trying to have it both ways on this issue – he claims to oppose amnesty and to support Arizona, but then he turns around and says we should let people who are here illegally continue to stay here illegally. That makes no sense.”

   “I’m opposed to Mahoney’s ‘register and release them’ policy.  We need clear policies on illegal immigration, backed up by strong leaders willing to implement them.  I support measures that make legal immigration easier and that make illegal immigration harder. I am completely opposed to ‘amnesty’, a policy that rewards people for their illegal actions, allows them to remain in the country, and puts them ahead of people who are trying to come to America the right way."

   “If we knowingly allow people to stay in our country illegally, we are not only condoning behavior that’s against the law, we are also undermining the process of legal immigration that we want people to follow.  Our current lack of determination to enforce the laws we already have is exactly how our nation has ended up in this situation.  Voters in New Hampshire understand this argument, and as a Member of Congress they can count on me to provide the leadership necessary to turn this situation around.”