CHQ - Carney translates for Trent Lott: Principled Conservatives Will Mess Up Washington Insiders' Racket

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Carney translates for Trent Lott: principled conservatives will mess up Washington insiders' racket
Washington Examiner - Timothy Carney exposes the real reason why top Republican K Street lobbyists (such as former Majority Leader Trent Lott) are so worried about getting more Tea Party-supported 'Jim DeMint's' in the Senate: it's because the principled conservatives threaten to cut into their Big Government ruse. Carney says the former senators use their influence and access to the system to win big favors for their clients, and also cash-in themselves - and they're terrified they'll lose it all if a new type of reformer comes to town.

Yet Again? GOP Party Committee Undermining Genuine Conservative Renee Ellmers
Human Events - John Gizzi touches on three House races factoring into principled conservatives' hopes of taking over the Republican Party as well as the majority in Congress,. Gizzi writes about contests -- in Washington, South Dakota and North Carolina - but of particular interest is the race in North Carolina. First-time politician Renee Ellmers is taking on the YouTube video-assault disgraced liberal Rep. Bobby Etheridge (lifetime ACU rating 22.36%) in the state's 2nd congressional district. Why isn't the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) helping her?

Gizzi highlights Ellmers' grassroots campaign and how she would go to Congress to repeal the disastrous Obamacare bill. Recent polls show Ellmers with a 1% lead at 39-38, and there's little doubt that it's an excellent opportunity for a true conservative to unseat one of the House's most notorious and nasty liberals.

Tea Party favorite Pamela Gorman fights back against the GOP establishment
World Net Daily - Arizona state Sen. Pamela Gorman is one of ten candidates vying to win the GOP nomination in her state's third congressional district, yet she's drawing a lot attention for her willingness to buck Party leaders and fight hard for what's right. Gorman, like Gov. Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann, is being unfairly attacked by the Left and ignored (or feared) by the GOP establishment because she represents exactly the type of potential leader they despise - someone who can't be paid to sacrifice her beliefs.

Conservative pastor aims to beat Charlie Rangel in Harlem
Daily Caller - Pastor Michael Faulkner thinks ethically-challenged Rep. Charlie Rangel is the embodiment of everything that's wrong with Washington, and that's why he's running as a Republican to unseat the longtime congressman in one of the most solidly Democratic districts (Harlem, NY) in the country. Faulkner says he agrees with most of the positions of the Tea Party movement, and will try to get his name on the ballot with several party designations in order to give himself the best chance to win.

Delaware's RINO Castle may not be so impregnable in Senate race
American Spectator (blog) - Robert Stacy McCain examines the increasingly interesting GOP U.S. Senate race in Delaware, where principled conservative Christine O'Donnell is challenging her state party establishment's assertion that RINO Rep. Mike Castle (lifetime ACU rating 52.49%) needs to win the nomination because he's the only one who can beat the Democrats in November. McCain points to recent polls that show O'Donnell doing just about as well as Castle in head-to-head match-ups with Democrat Chris Coons.

Is Sarah Palin at the top of her party?
Politico - Political observer Roger Simon challenges us to name one Republican who's more popular with the conservative base of the GOP than Gov. Sarah Palin to prove his point that Palin could very well end up as the Party's 2012 presidential nominee. Simon clearly isn't a Palin fan, yet he does make several relevant observations regarding Palin's political growth in just the last year alone - and that anyone who takes her lightly (such as Mitt Romney) could be signaling their own political death knell.