Horn For Congress - Endorsements and More Endorsements

On Tuesday, Cornerstone Action PAC endorsement my campaign.
And then today, GraniteGrok http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103578680907&s=637&e=001VJm_sG-QgHGoixTQ0rR4uNc3y0UOUUG0Qgf0Q1-MZpcOb2luLdxr8UDJp8etVx7Tiq1cvXdlLZoRo9yuSmeECnQKZp_KZYCpodmmi7dmFkXvquhtP9pq78PMWXcTDfwSY4Odni5Dx2QKlZRliCxQVItAd2MA5jRnghnk-UCVENC_cktNJjBE0EXxDmvluwGV] endorsed my campaign.

People are making their voices heard, sending a resounding message that they will not tolerate big-government, free-spending politicians. The Republican Primary is about who will take on the Democrats in Novemberand win this seat back for the people of New Hampshire.

Congressman Bass thinks this race is about who can raise the most money from their Washington friends rather than about earning the trust of the people of New Hampshire.

My recent endorsements and in straw poll after straw poll, I have shown that I have the support of the voters in New Hampshire.

Charlie Bass cannot win in November – career politicians and establishment insiders are being rejected across the country as the people call for new voices to represent them.


Cornerstone PAC Endorses Jennifer Horn

Commenting on Cornerstone Action PAC's endorsement of Jennifer Horn today, was the chairman of the PAC, Kevin Smith:
"When analyzing the candidates in this race in terms of positions on the issues, strength of grassroots support, and resources to win, the choice was very clear: Jennifer Horn is the best candidate for the second congressional district. Jennifer understands that the strength of our nation begins with our families and not with the government. To that end, families only grow stronger and more prosperous when government keeps taxes low and business regulations to a minimum so that the private sector can create more jobs. Jennifer clearly understands these basic tenants of our economy and we have the utmost confidence that she will be a champion of these conservative principals when she is elected to Congress."

You can read the full endorsement on RedHampshire by clicking here: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103578680907&s=637&e=001VJm_sG-QgHHaSqnxEs6KC9btCR8lYasRaAFyPfBH26XWVnpxtaX2UJo-OAtHNwyEr9TN-4euZpvt3RItR4XD_6OmjE2ETc4eRbbrW9tQJK-7OReqxPC6sYP23rnwEfilddoM-0FhBKCjxiL9BFIqNX53TiEAiul9mVhezqn9qk0=].

Granite Grok Endorses Jennifer Horn

Granite Grok released their endorsement of Jennifer Horn. Here is an expert from the endorsement:
"We Groksters, after much contemplation and discussion, have decided to put our  voice behind the efforts of Jennifer to retake that seat and send back a voice to Washington that will shout out "Live Free or Die!", knows what it means, and why it is so important. While embodying the Spirit of NH, it also encapsulates the Founders view of the relationship between free men and their government, that the best government is one whose main goal is not to see to every need but to protect the Rights that flow from our Creator and by doing so, ensure maximum freedom to each citizen (be it to succeed or even fail).

She knows the issues, and we know her stances on those issues. We believe that she will be an able and articulate legislator on not only the behalf of NH and its citizens, but for the values that made America the most successful, most wealthy, the most powerful, and the most charitable people history has ever known: limited government, limited taxation, limited intrusion into its citizens' personal lives and decisions."

You can read the full endorsement by clicking HERE: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103578680907&s=637&e=001VJm_sG-QgHGoixTQ0rR4uNc3y0UOUUG0Qgf0Q1-MZpcOb2luLdxr8UDJp8etVx7Tiq1cvXdlLZoRo9yuSmeECnQKZp_KZYCpodmmi7dmFkXvquhtP9pq78PMWXcTDfwSY4Odni5Dx2QKlZRliCxQVItAd2MA5jRnghnk-UCVENC_cktNJjBE0EXxDmvluwGV]