Reiterates support for Amnesty, Licenses for Illegals
(Manchester) Businessman and First Congressional District Candidate Rich Ashooh issued the following statement in response to Sean Mahoney’s further comments on immigration reform in today’s New Hampshire Union Leader:
"Sean Mahoney’s comments continue to demonstrate that he could not be further from the mainstream on an issue that affects many aspects of our nation. Allowing millions to flaunt our immigration laws negatively impacts our economy, our national security, and our federal budget.
"Sean’s plan to find, register, release, and track the millions of individuals who are currently in the country illegally would create an immense burden on our law enforcement agencies while doing nothing to address the underlying problem ­that these people are in this country illegally. They must be sent home and then attempt to return legally as generations of immigrants have before them.
"Further, although Mahoney doesn’t want to admit it, we have not been able to prevent illegals from accessing social and medical services in this nation to date.  As long as they remain in the country illegally they will be a drain on our resources.
"Equally as frightening is Sean’s position that states should be permitted to grant drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. While licensing should remain under the purview of the individual states, we must recognize that these documents are the primary form of identification used in all fifty states. Giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses will pose incredible national security risks for citizens of every state.
"Yes, enforcing our immigration laws will cost money.  But to Sean I would ask, what cost is too much to ensure our economic and national security?”