Bass Proposing a Committee That Would Solely Focus on Cutting Spending

Concord, NH- As the White House today predicted that America will face a higher-than-expected deficit of  $1.42 trillion next year, Peterborough Republican Charlie Bass strongly criticized the Obama Administration and the Democrat Congress for its reckless spending.   Bass is a candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s 2nd District.

Bass said, “It is unconscionable  that Democrats in Washington are now borrowing 41 cents of every dollar they spend.  When will Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid learn that America cannot sustain trillion dollar deficits for the next ten years?  We should never have bailed out the auto industry, the insurance industry and the big investment banks.  We should not have passed a trillion dollar federalization of health care.   The time to stop this out-of-control spending is now.  Our country cannot afford to wait another minute.”

Bass added,  “We should repeal the stimulus, and use the balance  to cut taxes on income temporarily, which will quickly produce real jobs.  We should repeal the health care bill, and replace it with a plan that will make health care more competitive, more affordable and more available.”

Bass said he will soon unveil details of  a proposal to create an anti-spending committee.   “Right now, every Congressional committee focuses on  how to spend our money.   I have a plan to establish a committee whose sole responsbility is to save our money, by cuting spending.”

Charlie Bass has a strong record of fighting taxes and cutting unnecessary spending in Congress, including:

·         Voting more than sixty times to cut taxes, including votes in 2001 and 2003 to cut income taxes across the board;

·         Voting more than 20 times for across-the-board spending cuts;

·         Voting against earmarks and to eliminate funding for the “Bridge to Nowhere,” saving taxpayers billions;

·         Helping to create the first balanced budget in 24 years;

·         Fighting to extend lower tax rates for small businesses on capital gains, dividends and expenses.