CHQ - Political veteran Muth offers some political reality advice for the Tea Party Movement

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Political veteran Muth offers some political reality advice for the Tea Party Movement
Nevada Appeal - Chuck Muth writes that political reality is starting to hit home with America's Tea Parties, most notably the fact that simply being right on issues is not enough to put you in power. Muth says the Tea Parties need to adopt more practical and time-tested approaches to politics in order to assure long-term success, including doing more than bellyaching when it comes to raising the money that ultimately sustains the movement.

Herman Cain could be Obama's worst nightmare
World Net Daily - Herman Cain has an impressive resume that includes extensive experience in business, media and religion (as well as having survived stage four cancer), and he says he's seriously considering running for the GOP's 2012 presidential nomination so he can take on and beat Pres. Obama. Cain's conservative education combines a humble background with 'real world' experience that has shown him that solving problems is a lot more important than being able to speak about them in front of a teleprompter.

When McCain picked Palin, liberal journalists coordinated the best line of attack
Daily Caller - When John McCain picked Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate in 2008, it didn't take long for liberal journalists to begin strategizing on the best ways to smear her and the Republican ticket, as evidenced by looking at a journalist's online forum in the hours after the announcement in late August of that year. It's certainly no secret that the journalism community is left-leaning, but the instances of outright bias and second-handed cheerleading for the Obama ticket are downright disconcerting.

Rep. Michele Bachmann on Tea Party Caucus: We're Here to Listen, Not Control
Newsmax - As if it needed further explanation, Rep. Michele Bachmann (lifetime ACU rating 100%) said after the first meeting of the House Tea Party Caucus that the group was not formed to 'control' the grassroots movement in any way - on the contrary, Bachmann says they're there to listen. Tea Party leaders echoed Bachmann's assurances that the movement will remain independent, and the formation of the group will hopefully lead to a greater connection between the desires of the People and those who represent them.

Republicans need to put spending cut proposals on the line before retaking power
American Spectator - W. James Antle, III writes of the Republican Party's need to provide some clues as to what they'll do if/when they retake the majority after November's elections, and they should start by providing specific areas of the budget that they intend to trim. Antle suggests that Rep. Paul Ryan's 'road map' would be a good long-term solution, though for now, Republicans would do well to start with a simpler, more immediate plan to cut spending similar to those proposed in the early nineties.

Concerned member of the NRA will be keeping an eye on the organization's actions
Principled Thoughts (blog) - Members of the National Rifle Association have reacted with horror at the possibility that the organization would officially endorse Harry Reid in the Nevada U.S. Senate race, but they're also concerned about the totality of the NRA's backroom dealings in politics, as this blog post would indicate. For his part, this blogger says he'll be keeping an eye on the NRA's possible nod towards Reid as well as its other actions - and he urges all other NRA members to do the same.

Why the conservative revolution will prevail and why it will last
American Thinker - Bruce Walker presents the reasons why the conservative 'revolution' will prevail if conservatives manage to obtain a large enough majority in Congress in the coming years, arguing that RINOs will eventually fall in line and the reforms that are passed will be politically unassailable by the Left. Walker's theory is certainly hypothetical, but part of the thought process conservatives need to undertake if we're going to be ready to govern when the time comes.