The Bedford Republican Committee is producing a series of interviews with Republican Primary candidates for broadcast on Bedford Community TV Channel 16.

“Our bylaws oblige us to support Republican candidates in Bedford and to inform voters. These programs are a way for us to do both.” said Committee Chairman Ray Chadwick. “It’s critical to know what a candidate stands for when you consider the impact of the next election on spending, taxes and social programs.”

Interviews were done with participating Republican candidates for Governor, the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, and the New Hampshire Senate and the House of Representatives.  The 30 minute shows explore each candidate’s values, reasons for running, goals if elected and issues they consider important.

The shows were taped at Bedford Community TV, with Ken Hawkins serving as director and cameraman for the interviews. The interview shows, starting with candidates for Governor and proceeding through Federal and State candidates, will be shown on BCTV Channel 16 over the weeks before the Primary Election on September 14, 2010.

“Bedford Community TV has an organization and facility of superior competence and capability.” said Chadwick. “We’re pleased to have worked with BCTV and Ken Hawkins to help make it easier for voters to know the candidates and issues.”

The BCTV broadcast schedule is published weekly in the Bedford newspapers.

Streaming video of the programs will also be available through the BCTV website at:

The Bedford Republicans website will have a special section for the interviews at:

In addition to the interviews, the Bedford Republican Committee's website is kept up-to-date with state and local Republican events and news about candidates and legislation. The website also has links to politicians, media and other Republican organizations.

For information on joining the Bedford Republican Committee, please visit their website or email: