CHQ - You can vote for a candidate who is changing politics through the Internet

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You can vote for a candidate who is changing politics through the Internet - Readers around the world are casting online ballots to select the persons who are having the greatest impact on the way the Internet is changing politics. The winners will be honored at the 11th World eDemocracy Forum, October 13-15, 2010, in Paris, France. Richard A. Viguerie, co-author of the 2004 book, America's Right Turn: How Conservatives Used New and Alternative Media to Take Power, is familiar with the impressive work done by two of the nominees, Ralph Benko and Erick Erickson, and recommends a vote for one of them.

Have liberal reporters exposed themselves to lawsuits?
American Thinker - Mark Fitzgibbons touches on the recent flap exposed by the Daily Caller concerning leftist journalists using malice as part of their 'professional duties' to discredit and smear conservatives - not just to make an argument, but to actually cause harm. Fitzgibbons says these journalists just may have crossed the legal threshold for actionable libel (for public figures) established by the Supreme Court. The fact that such malice seems tolerated by so-called professionals on the left indicates the problem is more widespread.

Republican Senate candidate fires new salvo in the next battle of Tea Party versus 'RINO'
Daily Caller - The GOP U.S. Senate race is heating up in Delaware where conservative Tea Party favorite Christine O'Donnell is not content to let her state's Republican Party establishment automatically anoint RINO Rep. Mike Castle (lifetime ACU rating 52.49%) as the winner without a fight. O'Donnell points to a recent Rasmussen poll that indicated that she too leads Democratic candidate Chris Coons in a hypothetical match-up, allowing her to present herself as a legitimate conservative alternative to Castle.

Republicans need to go-growth in the next Congress
Weekly Standard - Matthew Continetti writes of the need for Republicans to develop a governing agenda for when they retake the majority in Congress, and the promise to fight and repeal the disastrous Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda is just the beginning. Continetti laments the fact that there are only two concrete plans being offered by Republicans (those by Reps. Tom Price and Paul Ryan), and argues there's plenty of room for others to put together a robust, pro-growth agenda that would truly attract voters to the Party.

Tea Party-supporting Republicans must watch out for the co-opters
American Conservative - Jack Hunter gives credit to former Majority Leader Trent Lott for his 'honesty' in saying the Republican establishment would never allow for a Tea Party caucus in the Senate, and says it should serve as a warning for those who want to bring true conservative ideas to Capitol Hill. Hunter says there are many, many Republicans who will seek to co-opt any Tea Party caucus in either house of Congress - so those who are serious about reforming government should be extra vigilant in looking out for them.

A Tiahrt victory in Kansas will move the Senate to the right - Erick Erickson blogs on the Kansas GOP U.S. Senate race where both Jerry Moran (lifetime ACU rating 91.74%) and Todd Tiahrt (lifetime ACU rating 95.27%) are considered conservatives, but Tiahrt is that much better on a number of issues to make him the clear choice for conservatives. Erickson says if Moran is elected, he'll be just like recently ousted South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis in railing against the Tea Parties and undermining conservatives - and that's why it's important to support Tiahrt.

Rush slams Republicans for failing to come to defense of outspoken conservatives -- Here's a 5 minute video well worth watching. Rush Limbaugh rightly criticizes Republicans for letting the left smear conservatives./a>