NHDP - More Fishy Rhetoric from Charlie Bass

Bass distorts facts about the job creating Recovery Act and attempts to mislead voters

Concord - Last Friday, former Republican Congressman Charlie Bass continued his fishy rhetoric and attempted to attack the job creating Recovery Act.  Bass said, "We should repeal the stimulus, and use the balance to cut taxes on income temporarily, which will quickly produce real jobs."

But Bass ignores the fact that an enormous portion of the American Recovery Act was tax cuts aimed mostly at small businesses and the middle class.(Politifact, 1/31/2010)  In fact, the Recovery Act was the largest tax cut in United States history. (Washington Monthly, 2/12/2009) And currently taxes are at their lowest rate in over 50 years since Harry Truman was President. (USA Today, 5/12/2010)

And Bass's claim that repealing the Recovery Act would create jobs is equally false and misleading.  Cutting income taxes has a relatively small effect on job creation according to leading independent experts.  Data from Moody's Analytics' shows that the GDP increases from tax cuts, permanent or temporary, are much smaller than if that money was spent on unemployment benefits, food stamps, infrastructure spending, or general aid to state government. A permanent extension of the Bush tax
cuts would create less than a fifth of the per dollar increase in economic activity that an extension of unemployment benefits would. (USA Today, 7/15/2010)

"Charlie Bass has consistently tried to mislead the voters of the second congressional district," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "First, he promised to only serve 6 terms in office, then broke his word.  He claims to have been out of politics since 2006, but he spent years working as a lobbyist in DC.  He claims he's a moderate, but endorsed the Tea Party agenda. And now Bass wants the voters to believe his myths about the Recovery Act and spending."

"That kind of fishy rhetoric and misinformation is why the voters of the second congressional district have already rejected Charlie Bass," added Kirstein.  "And as long as he continues to try and mislead voters, he should expect that they will continue to reject him at the ballot box."