(Manchester)  Rich Ashooh, Republican candidate for Congress, issued the following statement today regarding the leaking of classified documents to the website WikiLeaks: 

“The actions by those involved in the leaking of classified documents are both reprehensible and a threat to our national security.  I fully support the Administration’s condemnation of these acts, and that a thorough and robust investigation and prosecution take place immediately.

“Any effort to place these leaks and their subsequent publication in the context of some policy goal, such as public openness or to affect the direction of our involvement in the global war on terror, is delusional:  quite simply, these actions provided previously unknown and substantive information to our enemies and in so doing put American lives at risk.  Journalists, news organizations, and rogue government employees who violate their constitutional oath should not be in the position of determining what information is or isn’t of national security value. 

“Those responsible for these leaks should be held to account for their actions, and any systemic flaws which enabled this information to be released must be rooted out and corrected.”