CHQ - Michigan Congressman Fred Upton is being challenged for re-nomination by conservative Jack Hoogendyk

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Michigan Congressman Fred Upton is being challenged for re-nomination by conservative Jack Hoogendyk
American Thinker - Republican Congressman Fred Upton (ACU lifetime rating 72.42%) is being opposed by former state representative Jack Hoogendyk in the August 3rd Michigan primary. While Upton can list the TARP bailout and Cash for Clunkers among his bad votes, Matthew May writes that Hoogendyk's record in the state legislature stands out as "always conservative." The author calls Upton "nothing more than a diluted Democrat" and says "Michigan's 6th District is a microcosm of the general arrogance and complacency of the Republican establishment against the constitutional conservativism of the Tea Party movement."

Paul Ryan: leadership for "decentralized" GOP
Daily Caller - Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan (lifetime ACU rating 92.36%) is calling out members of his own Party, questioning why so many of them are talking to pollsters instead of speaking about the massive federal debt and government overspending. Ryan is touting his 'road map' proposals that would give Republicans an agenda to legitimately run on, and at least provide a starting point for the healthy amount of work that needs to be done if America is ever going to get back on the path to fiscal sanity.

Joseph Farah: Will too narrow a focus destroy the Tea Party?
World Net Daily - Joseph Farah warns of an 'enemy' of America's Tea Parties that represents a much greater menace to their long-term existence and wellbeing than anything the Left or the political establishment could ever muster - and that's the threat of internal decay through limiting what the movement stands for. Farah says there are 'leaders' in the movement who are trying to restrict its issue agenda to mere economic issues, a mistake which Farah argues could ultimately lead to its demise.

Neither Party truly represents the will of the Tea Parties
The Daily Journal -- New Jersey resident Francis Reilly writes of his disgust with America's two major political parties, arguing that neither truly represents the will of its ideological supporters, and certainly not the interests of the grassroots Tea Party movement in general. Reilly is relieved that the Tea Party is separate from both of them, and correctly points out that Tea Partiers are no fonder of the Republican Party's leadership than they are of Democrats - and that the GOP should not take their long-term support for granted.

Howard Rich: Newt Gingrich has a legacy of surrendering when the fight gets tough
Politico - Newt Gingrich has built a reputation with the major liberal media as a bomb-throwing conservative, but a closer look at his history reveals that he's anything but, argues Americans for Limited Government chairman Howard Rich. As just one example, Rich points to last year's special congressional election in New York in which Gingrich supported ultra-liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava over conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman.

GOP Challengers Hope To Capture Democratic Strongholds in NJ, NC and MI
Human Events - Political guru John Gizzi provides a glimpse into three more important congressional contests where conservatives hope to take over Democratic seats that were thought to be strongly-held, featuring races in New Jersey, North Carolina and Michigan. Gizzi tells the 'human' side of each race and why these three conservative political newcomers are running with a reformer's mentality and would provide a fresh new outlook to congressional districts that have been lacking it for a very, very long time (at least in the case of the New Jersey and Michigan districts).