NHDP -So When Should We Pencil Palin In?

CONCORD - As moderate voters quickly abandon GOP frontrunner Kelly Ayotte in the wake of last week's Sarah Palin endorsement, the question is - when is Kelly inviting Sarah up to New Hampshire?
According to the latest public poll on the New Hampshire senate race, support for Kelly Ayotte has quickly been evaporating among moderate voters following her decision to flock to the far-right. The poll also shows that after a summer spent learning about Kelly Ayotte's real record, New Hampshire voters don't like what they see - and her favorability ratings have begun to freefall.   
"Last week Ayotte was happy to throw her chips in with Sarah Palin and the far right, but this week she may be having a bit of buyer's remorse," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Now that New Hampshire voters have told us loud and clear that they are no Sarah Palin fans, will Ayotte still be bringing her pal up here to rally support? If Ayotte makes it past the primary, will she proudly bring this 'conservative icon' up to New Hampshire in October?"
"We are very anxious to get Sarah up here so she can learn all about the lovely Northwest...er...Northeast," said Browne.