Obama's Economic Catastrophe; Sign the Debt Free Petition!

Dear NH Insider Team,

Does this US economic crisis concern you?  We must get the word out about our country's debt before it's too late! Our new documentary uncovers Obama’s failing economic policy.

Watch Reagan school Obama in economics!

Join us in the fight against Obama-nomics!
    • Watch the “I Want Your Money” teaser trailer: http://bit.ly/iwantyourmoney.
    • Sign the Debt-Free America petition: http://bit.ly/debtfreepetition
    • Post the Trailer and a link to the Petition on your own websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

If you’d like more information on the film, please visit http://bit.ly/IWYMsite or feel to contact us at: dsorrendino@dbawest.com.

Thanks for joining our fight to keep America debt-free!