AFP - Help Stop Lame Duck Cap-and-Trade

Progressives in Congress are trying to sneak cap-and-trade through the Senate.  They passed the energy taxes in the House, but the American people rejected the plan and senators will not support this policy. 

Senator Reid announced last week that he will not attempt to pass cap-and-trade before November; instead he wants a so-called "noncontroversial" energy bill.  But desperate times call for desperate measures, Reid is certain to pull out all the tricks to slip cap-and-trade through before he potentially loses control of Congress.

While conservatives are busy celebrating election victories, Reid's lame duck Senate will try to pass cap-and-trade energy taxes before the new Congress convenes in January 2011.  And we know they will try.

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*Senator John Kerry said last week that moving a climate change bill in a lame duck session is "absolutely" a possibility.

* Congressman Waxman has already said he will push to have his bill's cap-and-trade program added to anything the Senate passes this fall. 

*White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs responded to questions about the fall energy strategy by confirming that cap-and-trade could be added in conference, as we all suspected: "I don't think the bill is essentially dead for the year," Gibbs said.  "The House passed a very strong and very comprehensive energy bill last year. The Senate is going to take up a version that is more scaled down … I don't think that closes the door. Once a bill passes each house, it doesn't close the door to having some sort of conference."  Asked if that meant cap-and-trade, Gibbs said it was a very real possibility.

There you have it -- from three different sources. They WILL try to pass cap-and-trade. And they're hoping that you and I won't notice.

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Senator Reid has leaked the outline of his "noncontroversial" energy proposal. The bill calls for a major gas tax increase, raising the per-barrel tax on oil from 8 to 49 cents per barrel. Additionally, the bill will provide "cash for caulkers," in the words of President Obama, which creates $5 billion in tax rebates for homeowners to make their property compliant with EPA-approved energy standards. These are only a few aspects of the bill that will hit taxpayers where it hurts.

The cap-and-trade threat is real and it is moving quickly. Senator Reid's goal is to pass a "noncontroversial" bill in the Senate, conference it with Waxman-Markey, add cap-and-trade, and then pass it with lame duck senators who are on their way out the door and are no longer accountable to voters.

We can't let this happen.

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PS: This past Saturday in 109 degree temperature, I joined hundreds of activists who knocked on doors in the suburbs of Las Vegas, educating citizens about Harry Reid's support for big government legislation, including this cap-and-tax scheme.  I can tell you firsthand that his own constituents don't even support this effort. That's why we must take action today to stop this backdoor cap-and-trade strategy.