(Manchester)  Rich Ashooh, candidate for Congress in the 1st CD, issued the following statement regarding today’s decision to put sections of the new Arizona immigration law on hold:

  “I absolutely disagree with the federal judge's decision to block some sections of the new Arizona law regarding illegal immigrants from going into effect.  The Arizona law was made necessary by the failure of the Obama Administration to secure our borders and enforce the laws we already have.  The Obama lawsuit against Arizona only served to further promote an unwritten policy of condoning illegal immigration.   And now we have a federal judge who somehow believes it should be legal to be in this country illegally. That makes no sense.”

 “Illegal immigration is out of control in America and the consequences impact all of us, not just people in Arizona.  Illegal immigration hurts our economy, our safety, and our national security.  We need a clear policy to address this problem and leaders who are willing to implement it.  We need to secure our borders, remove the incentives for people to come here illegally, crack down on employers who hire illegal aliens, stop states from giving them drivers licenses, and deport those people we know are here illegally. All of this can be accomplished if we just enforce the laws that are on the books already.”