CHQ - Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell is charging the Castle

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Delaware's Christine O'Donnell is charging the Castle
American Spectator - Robert Stacy McCain provides an inside glimpse at the effort to nationalize Delaware conservative Christine O'Donnell's GOP U.S. Senate campaign as she fights for the party nomination against one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress (and the establishment favorite), Rep. Mike Castle (lifetime ACU rating 52.49%). Many are wondering whether O'Donnell could be the next Nikki Haley, and all eyes are turning north to see whether Gov. Sarah Palin will be willing to help with the effort.

Jonah Goldberg: Liberals lament conservatives' crashing the gates
Los Angeles Times - Jonah Goldberg writes that conservatives used to be the ones fiercely protecting the cultural status quo, but now it's the liberals who are lamenting the fact that conservative institutions are rising up to challenge the traditional bases of power. Goldberg cites the journalism 'profession' as one where conservatives on the Internet and through popular media such as FOX News have dispensed with the 'gatekeepers' of the past (like Walter Cronkite), and the leftist establishment isn't taking it very well at all.

South Carolina's Tim Scott says he'd caucus with the Tea Party, not the CBC
Daily Caller - Much is being made of Tim Scott's race as he's campaigning to become the first black Republican from the South since reconstruction, but he says if/when he gets to the House that it won't be a factor in the way he goes about his business. Scott is looking into potentially joining the Congressional Black Caucus (he'd be the only Republican member), but at this point he thinks his values would fit in better with the newly formed Tea Party Caucus that was started by Rep. Michele Bachmann.

NRA endorses union shill running against the conservative in MI-01 - The National Rifle Association is favoring a liberal over a principled conservative in Michigan's 1st district (disgraced Rep. Bart Stupak's district) GOP primary race, reports a blogger. The blogger argues there's a true conservative in the Republican primary (Dr. Dan Benishek), but the NRA sided with the establishment choice (Jason Allen) who is also favored by the liberal SEIU.

Anti-1st Amendment bill goes down in flames - for now
The Truth About Guns (blog) - Blogger Brad Kozak was happy that Republicans in the Senate were able to muster enough votes to successfully filibuster the anti-speech NRA-supported DISCLOSE Act, but warns that the fight is far from over because of Harry Reid. Kozak surmises that Reid voted against the bill so he could reserve the possibility of bringing it back up again, and with all the special protections that the bill allows for liberal constituencies (and the NRA), Kozak bets that Reid will do just that.

GOP up 10 in Rasmussen Congressional ballot
Hot Air - Ed Morrissey examines the latest Rasmussen polling data that shows Republicans are now leading on the generic congressional ballot by ten points, a trend that's driven largely by Pres. Obama's sinking popularity amongst nearly all age groups. Morrissey also includes a comment by fellow conservative Hugh Hewitt on how the Democrats are only making it worse by championing measures such as the DISCLOSE Act, a fact that could make their upcoming electoral drubbing even more severe.

Republicans need smart ideas to drive turnout and attract voters
American Thinker - J. Robert Smith takes a realistic look at the Republican Party's prospects to retake control of Congress this November, and says they'll do much better all-around if they introduce a legislative agenda that voters will enthusiastically support. Beyond the mere vote count, Smith argues, the GOP will need a pre-approved agenda in order to push it through Congress once the next session starts - and unless they introduce those ideas soon, they'll lack the mandate needed to make the changes voters elected them for.