CHQ - Gallup: Tea Party is Rebranding Republicanism (to the establishment's chagrin)

Gallup: Tea Party is Rebranding Republicanism (to the establishment's chagrin)

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Gallup: Tea Party is Rebranding Republicanism (to the establishment's chagrin)
Real Clear Politics (blog) -- "Republican leaders who worry about the Tea Party's impact on their races may in fact (and more simply) be defined as largely worrying about their party's core base," Dr. Frank Newport of the Gallup Poll notes.

Sen. Graham (hopes) Tea Party movement will eventually "die out"
The Hill -- South Carolina Republicans showed last week that they were serious about nominating conservatives to represent them (Nikki Haley for governor and Tim Scott in the state's 1st congressional district, amongst others), but unfortunately RINO Sen. Lindsey Graham was re-elected prior (2008) to the rise of the Tea Parties, and he's now claiming that the grassroots movement will eventually die out.  There's little doubt that, if Graham were on the ballot this year, he'd be in trouble.

Why Do Republicans Even Need Pressure from Conservatives to Oppose Kagan?
The Hill -- The Elena Kagan confirmation hearings are a perfect example of why establishment Republicans need to be replaced by principled, constitutional conservatives.  It's a no-brainer:  she doesn't belong on the Supreme Court.  Why, then, do conservatives need to tell that to Republican senators?

Colorado's Jane Norton Says She Would Emulate Lisa Murkowski in the Senate -- As if it wasn't clear before why Colorado GOP U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton was not the best choice in the race (against grassroots favorite Ken Buck), her answers in a revealing interview are enough to give any conservative pause, reports Erick Erickson.  When asked which Senator that Norton would emulate if elected, she chose Alaska's embattled RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski -- while Buck chose Sen. Jim DeMint.

A year later, Sarah Palin remains on politics' center stage
Associated Press -- When Gov. Sarah Palin announced a year ago that she was resigning her office in Alaska, many of her critics crowed that her action signaled the beginning of the end of her political career -- but the events of the year since have shown just the opposite is happening.  Palin remains a prominent voice in national politics and very popular amongst the conservative grassroots, which of course leads to speculation on whether or not she'll run for president in 2012.

Gov. Chris Christie is the New Jersey (budget) slasher
American Conservative -- Michael Brendan Dougherty profiles a very unlikely star in conservative circles these days, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie -- a man who would not even embrace the label 'conservative' when running for office, yet is taking on the liberal establishment like a principled conservative would.  Christie is drawing conservative praise for his blunt yet effective communication style as well as the list of 'enemies' that he's making, including his state's teachers unions and the legislate-from-the-bench activists in the courts.

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