NHDP -Hypocrisy Alert: Sean Mahoney Flip-Flops on Social Security

Career politician Mahoney takes both sides on social security debate

Concord - Hypocrisy Alert is part of the New Hampshire Democratic Party's efforts to hold Republicans accountable in the coming months for their blatant flip-flopping on a wide-range of issues that matter to all Granite Staters.  Earlier this week we highlighted a top Mahoney for Congress aide, and today we look at Sean Mahoney himself.

Two days ago, Sean Mahoney issued a press release attacking Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner after he announced support for raising the Social Security retirement age for workers 20 or more years away from retirement.  But that is exactly the position Mahoney himself took at a recent debate for first district Republican Congressional Candidates.

In his press release Mahoney commented that, "Social Security is a covenant between taxpaying Americans and their government."  And he added, "If Washington changes the rules now for people who are already in the system, they will demonstrate their disregard for regular Americans once again."  He called Boehner's plan to raise the retirement age, "poorly thought out."

But at the GOP Debate, Mahoney called Social Security a bailout program.  And voiced his support for raising the retirement age.  "But for younger generations they need to understand that there will be other options.  The retirement age maybe later in life than your parents was," (9:37) said Mahoney.  And he called raising the retirement age, a "common sense conservative solution." (10:40)

"Sean Mahoney's flip-flopping and hypocrisy on raising the Social Security Retirement age is ridiculous," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "He couldn't have reversed his position more if he tried. Raise the retirement age, don't raise the retirement age, it's a covenant, it's a bailout, it's a common sense conservative solution, it's a poorly thought out idea."

"This 'say anything to get elected mentality' is more evidence that Sean Mahoney is a career politician,"  continued Kirstein.  "From the time George Bush was elected President, there have only been two elections Sean Mahoney wasn't a candidate in.  Just because he hasn't won an election doesn't mean he's not a career politician."