NRCC - For Shea-Porter – No Budget, And No “Recovery Summer” Either

New Unemployment Report Leaves Middle Class Americans Wondering if Obama’s “Recovery Summer” has Left Them Out in the Cold

Washington- Despite the Democrats’ recent promises that this will be a “recovery summer,” newly released unemployment numbers indicate otherwise. And while middle-class New Hampshire families are struggling to find work during this so-called “recovery” period, Carol Shea-Porter isn’t doing much to help. After helping her party pass its failed trillion-dollar stimulus and rubber-stamping billions in wasteful spending, Shea-Porter has been doing more harm than good. Faced with the highest national debt in history and unemployment at 9.5 percent, Shea-Porter and her party leaders refuse to provide a budget and the fiscal discipline needed to create jobs. Last night, House Democrats disingenuously ‘deemed’ a budget through Congress and are now attempting to pass it off as a real fiscal blueprint.

“Employment fell for the first [time] this year in June as thousands of temporary census jobs ended and private hiring grew less than expected, dealing a blow to President Barack Obama who has identified job creation as a key priority.

“Nonfarm payrolls dropped 125,000, the largest decline since October, as temporary census jobs fell 225,000, the Labor Department said on Friday. However the unemployment rate fell to 9.5 percent, the lowest level since July, as people left the labor force. The report will add to worries the recovery from the longest and deepest recession since the 1930s could be faltering.” (Lucia Mutikani, “Payrolls fall, private hiring below forecasts,” Reuters, 7/02/2010)

Earlier this month Democrats promised this would be a summer of recovery, but just last week Vice President Biden gave a conflicting assessment of the economy, stating that the eight million jobs that have been lost are gone for good. This consuming double-talk has left middle-class families wondering: Which one is it?

“Vice President Joe Biden Thursday helps kick off what the White House calls "Recovery Summer," a six week long push to highlight what the administration says will be jobs created this summer and fall by a surge in federal stimulus spending across the country.” (Dan Lothian and Paul Steinhauser, “White House begins new Stimulus push,” CNN, 6/17/2010)

“Vice President Joe Biden gave a stark assessment of the economy today, telling an audience of supporters, ‘there's no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession.’” (Stephanie Condon, “Biden: We Can't Recover All the Jobs Lost,” CBS News, 6/25/2010)

Such misleading statements, coupled with misguided policies and a lack of leadership, have turned American families against the out-of-touch Democrat majority:

“Some 45% said they preferred a Republican controlled Congress as the outcome of the 2010 midterm elections compared with 43% who said they preferred Democrats remain in control.

“That might not seem like such a big difference, but the numbers have been trending—slowly–in the GOP’s favor. There’s been a notable decline in support for a Democratic-controlled Congress in WSJ/NBC polls. In November 2008, the public preferred a Democratic Congress by a 12-point, 48%-36% margin. By January 2010, the parties tied at 41%. Now, the GOP is in the lead.” (Susan Davis, “WSJ/NBC Poll: Voters Support GOP Takeover of Congress,” Wall Street Journal, 6/23/2010)

“The longer this jobless recovery drags on, the more apparent it is that Carol Shea-Porter and her Washington friends have lost their ability to govern,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “In a time of recession and high unemployment, Shea-Porter and her party leaders have wasted billions of taxpayer dollars and forced middle-class families to foot the bill for their failed economic policies. Will another month of high unemployment finally prompt Shea-Porter and the out-of-touch Democrat majority to pass an honest, responsible budget that is essential for job creation or will she continue to leave New Hampshire families asking: Where are the jobs?”