Horn For Congress - Will You Join Me in Taking Back our Government?

The Time is Now

At a recent campaign event a grown woman stood up and, almost in tears, she called out: “I want my country back!”

Everyone rose to their feet, applauding loudly.  The emotion in the room was palpable and everyone knew exactly what she meant.  For the past twenty months we have watched as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have led us down the path toward a European socialism that we all know is wrong for America.

The future of our nation is at stake.  With unemployment hovering near 10 percent, a national debt of 13 trillion dollars, a southern border that is under attack, a continuing war against radical Islamic terrorists and a Congress that appears bent on the economic destruction of our country, it is easy to feel afraid of what tomorrow may bring.

This Congress has failed.  Stimulus packages that cost us millions of jobs, billion dollar bailouts, government-owned auto companies, Obamacare … everything they do crushes the American dream

At the same time we have witnessed an awakening of the American spirit, a rebirth of a profound patriotism that has united us across economic, social and political lines.  Across the country millions of Americans have risen up against a government that has put politics and power before the people for too long and have reclaimed their authority in our democratic process. 

On September 14th in the Republican primary, we will choose who carries the banner of limited government and unlimited opportunity.

We can have bold new leadership that puts the people first.  We can send a principled, fiscally conservative Congresswoman to Washington and finally put an end to the reign of career politicians.

A government that spends beyond its means and grows beyond its Constitutional boundaries will always crush dreams and limit opportunity.  A politician who votes for out of control spending and big-government solutions to every problem can never be a voice for the people.  A big government, big-spending Republican is no better than a big-government, big-spending Democrat

The choice is ours

We must take a stand!  We must remain united in the dedication to preserve the America we have lived in and loved for so long, an America of grand dreams, extraordinary accomplishments and unlimited opportunity for all.

We must choose conservative leadership based in the core values of limited government, limited spending, a strong defense and unlimited opportunity for all.

The time is now.
Will you stand with me and take back our government?  We have less than 50 days to make our voices heard.  Volunteer today – join one of our phone teams, email a friend, sign up on Facebook, put a sign in your yard!  Get involved by clicking here.