NHElection.info - New Hampshire House Primary 2010

The New Hampshire House of Representatives has 400 members. That means that
most New Hampshire residents practically have a neighborhood representative
in the lower chamber of the state legislature. It also means it is hard to
know enough about NH House candidates to make an informed choice.

There is an important primary just 47 days from today, on Tuesday September
14, 2010. This primary will have an impact on the character of the
legislature next year. We need to make this upcoming legislature a
conservative one that will put fiscal discipline and New Hampshire values
back in the driver's seat in Concord. Some voters discount the importance of
the NH House because there are so many members. This is unwise, given that
one of the chief problems in New Hampshire is runaway spending, and spending
bills and the state budget start in the House, as specified in Article 18 of
the State Constitution.

Here is a web page that may help you make constitutional choices for the
primary. This page lists Republican candidates for the NH House of
Representatives. It does not list all candidates, just those for districts
where more Republicans have filed than seats available. That means some of
these Republicans will be eliminated on September 14, and you can help choose
which go forward.

For the listed districts, some of the evidence of the conservatism of the
candidates has been collected in a single table. If a district is not listed,
that district does not have a contested Republican primary, and all declared
Republican candidates for that district are expected to go forward to

House Primary 2010 Table: http://nhelection.info/primary

Know your candidates. Defend your Constitution. While there is still time.

The Statistician