Derry residents will have a chance to ask U.S. House candidates about their plans to cut taxes

DERRY, N.H.—The Alliance of Derry Taxpayers will host a forum for candidates seeking the First District U.S. House of Representative seat so they can speak directly with voters who think taxes are too high.

The Alliance, which was formed to promote lower taxes and limited government, has confirmed candidates Rich Ashooh, Bob Bestani and Peter Bearse will be attending the forum from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday, August 12, at the Marion Gerrish Community Center at 39 West Broadway in Derry. A representative from Frank Guinta’s congressional campaign will also attend. The public is welcome to come and encouraged to ask questions.

“We are happy to host this forum so Derry voters can meet their Congressional candidates and ask them questions about how they plan to lower taxes for everyone,” said Stephanie Hooton, president of the Alliance of Derry Taxpayers. “Taxes at all levels of government are crippling our economy and making employment harder to come by. In Derry, taxes are pricing people out of their own homes. We need to reduce taxes everywhere so families and business owners can put more of their own money to work for them.”

At the forum, each candidate will have 10 minutes to speak about how he plans to cut taxes and spending in Washington. After all of the candidates have spoken, the public will have at least 15 minutes to ask all of the candidates questions.

Alliance President Hooton will talk about the Alliance of Derry Taxpayers and introduce Andrew J. Manuse, who will moderate the candidate forum. Manuse is also a Republican candidate for a state representative seat in Derry.

Candidates who have not confirmed their attendance should contact the Alliance of Derry Taxpayers ahead of time to inquire about participation.


About the Alliance of Derry Taxpayers
The Alliance of Derry Taxpayers is an organization of Derry citizens representing the taxpayers, their interests and their point of view. The Alliance was formed to promote lower property taxes, property tax reform and honest, limited government. The Alliance holds regular public meetings, educational seminars and publishes position papers to help Derry citizens understand and take action on the issues that affect their taxes.

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