freekeenenews - Andrew Carroll Announces State Rep Campaign and Website

Heroic civil disobedience activist-turned-politician Andrew Carroll has thrown his hat into the ring for the race for “State Representative” and has launched his campaign website at

Here’s his bio from his website:

Andrew Carroll is a dedicated, passionate young man living in Keene, New Hampshire. He was born and raised on the other side of the country in Whittier, California where he quickly discovered the political culture is more rewarding to big pockets than big hearts. It seems natural to him, therefore, that his passion for individual rights, freedom, compassion, and honesty would lead him to the last remaining hope for consensual governance in America: New Hampshire.

More than anything Andrew Carroll wants to spend his time here making this state a better one; which means retaining door-to-door campaigning and local, town-hall-style meetings, retaining as much of a feel of non-partisanship as possible, and retaining the values that brought him here while still making visible progress. Luckily, the balance between morality and practicality is less an issue here than anywhere else; and it is possible to be an honest politician with little-to-no cash, and lots of help from friends, and win an election.

In that regard, New Hampshire has already proven to Andrew that it is the place where the dreams of a young idealist can be achieved; and he hopes, now, to prove to New Hampshire that he is up to the task of achieving those dreams.